Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday...actually Sunday.

Today was a tough day. It is late and Phillip is asleep next to me with Roman in between us, little stinker. I am surprised he is even still in town after how rough this day was. I'll start back 24 hours ago.

We had gone out to dinner and bowling with our friends. When we got home, Phillip had been driving, I got out of the car in the driveway, because we pull in so close to the side that it is hard to get out the passenger door. Well I got out, and was shutting the door, the window had been open about an inch and I guess as I was shutting the door, Phillip was closing the window which my index and middle right finger were in. OMGoodness, it hurt so badly. I screamed and hit the floor so fast. I basically cried for the next 45 minutes because the pain was really that bad. Finally I turned on the TV, because if it was quiet the pain was intensified and fell asleep before Law and Order was over.

I woke up this morning, pissed at the world. It was just one of those got up on the wrong side of the bed kind of mornings. My fingers were still throbbing, I was hungry, I had to rush out to get to see Coop at soccer, etc. I couldn't get my pants fastened so I woke Phillip up and asked him, then he made some comment about me needing to buy bigger pants, which because I was in a bad mood I took offensively. Then I stormed around the house, asked him to help find my car keys, yelled at him when he was standing there with them because I couldn't find socks, etc. I left being a jerk and called before I got out of the neighborhood to apologize.

I then went and saw my boys...I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_2">olds play soccer is an experience in and of itself. There were a lot of tears for the players as they got tired, or another kid got the ball, or when they were told not to touch the soccer ball with their hands. It was amusing.

Then Bill and I and the boys headed to target. I wandered with them, each of the big boys picked out a present, then we both checked out and I headed to PetSmart. I visited with Gail for a bit, met some of her new dogs and just had a nice chat letting her know that I would come by on Monday to visit with her after class. Woo-hoo! :) Honestly though, since her dad has moved in with her she has been so pleasant, it has been wonderful.

Then I got home, was in a fine mood, kissed Phillip hello, took the dogs outside, then Phillip asked me when the face of one of my kitchen drawers had fallen off...huh? Um, never. Well I gave him attitude because for whatever reason I was convinced he had done it. It was basically all down hill this morning since I woke up. to quickly summarize the rest of the day. We didn't talk through lunch, fought while folding laundry, I then went to bed because my belly hurt and he took a nap also. He woke up and we fought again because I was frustrated he was standing there staring at me while I was cleaning. He left the room, I followed, we fought some more. He left and went out for a bit. We apologized over text message and then he came home. For whatever reason he was still upset, came home picked a fight with me and then it exploded.

Now we are ok, we've gotten over it, but I just hate days like this. Ever since his Dad has gotten sick things have been different between us. He understandably has been weird. He has no patience, and for those of you who don't know me well, I am someone who you have to have patience with to be friends with. He gets angry so much more often, basically his fuse is just that much shorter. We are both trying and Lord willing tomorrow will be a better day. We are going to relax and head to the garden festival at Kanapaha, I'll try to remember to take pictures. That place is beautiful. Well I'm off to bed, I can't figure out if that is Phillip snoring next to me or Super, so sleep is calling me name!

Do any of you in blog land have any suggestions on how to deal with this? Any tips on getting along with your SO? How about dealing with a person who is so emotionally fragile, because I feel like I am always walking on egg shells, and it is so hard! Any suggestions would help and be greatly appreciated.


Vera said...

Aw, sorry you had such a crummy day! You know, honestly, sometimes you just have to push through these things, knowing that this too shall pass. We go through times when we just drive each other crazy and pick fights for no reason... apologizing when necessary, spending a little time apart, and then just waiting for it to pass, is the best I can offer.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ah yes, crummy days. I am not sure what advice i have.. I've been married 10 years, and we STILL have days like this. I guess you do what Vera said, and know it will pass.
Luckily, you and I are runners. Running helps everything, right?

Becca said...

You porr thing! I am so sorry you had such a terrible day! I hope everything starts to get better soon.

I sent you an award on my blog. Stop by sometime and pick it up. Hope your day is wonderful! said...

Wow, it was a yuk day. Hope things will go better.

I wanted to email, but couldn't find a link...

Wanted to let you know that I do not post pix of my actual patients.
Just stuff off of the internet.

Take care,

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