Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

We are participating in Tail Wagging Tuesday over at Live What You Love, join in!

Today's Topic:

BLING BLING a.k.a show me your pet's bling! This means what they wear around their neck!

Roman Noodle wears a harness, I read that it is bad for little dogs to wear collars because of the pressure it puts on their trachea. With that being said, Nood always wears a harness. He has worn a harness since he was a puppy but there are harness that are made with nylon but I found that those rip his poor little skin so we have forever been fans of Puppia.

Here is little Roman showing off his harness (sorry about the crappy pictures, but my camera is locked in my car with my keys locked in the center console):

And here are some pictures of what the hubs calls Roman's wallet, it includes his normal name tag with my number, then his pet tracker ID, then his microchip ID and of course his rabies tag! Clearly, I want my dog to be returned to me if he every gets lost. ;)


Anonymous said...

oh goodness so precious!!

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

So friggin cute!

Michelle said...

Aww Roman is a cutie! I love when they roll over and play!

Happy Tuesday!

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Lauren said...

So cute!! My dogs like to lay on their backs too!

J and A said...

So cute! Love the name! :) And look at the pose! Adorable.

Lil' Woman said...

Too cute, Mia has a pretty pink polka dotted collar.

Teenage Bride said...

hahaha his wallett .. to funny

sprinkles said...

I love that your dog has his own little wallet!

My parents got their really old beagle a harness. She wore it for a long time and then one day they took it off to bathe her or something - don't really remember why. And she was bald where the harness was! Her hair never really grew back.

I don't think it's the harness though, I think maybe she had a fungal infection or something. The vet didn't seem too concerned about it. Probably because she's so friggin'old!

Rebecca said...

How cute! I absolutely love the name! I'm a big fan of unique dog names :)

I'm your newest follower!

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