Monday, August 4, 2008

Picture Overload!

From our Atlanta Trip:

And from the aquarium:

Then the beautiful
Botanical Garden:

(For Ashlee with Love)

Back in GVille:

My love!

All dressed up before a wedding.

In South Florida:

Pop on Mim's Bday.

The Bat Mitzvah:

Me and Pop.

Mim and Lee.

Mommy and Daddy.

Group Shot.

How low can you go?

Sleep, what's sleep?

I was reading a friend's blog today, and it made me think of my severely neglected one...sorry.

A quick summer synopsis, are you ready? You sure? Ok, here we go...

Let's start with Roman, so we have no liver shunt, which is fabulous. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and has had three seizures since his diagnosis. They suck, they are scary, but after he is out of it, he's fine. His most recent one was Thursday of the week before last, while I was driving home on the highway, luckily I was sitting in traffic and was able to calmly talk him through it. After he was out of it, and traffic started moving, we stopped at the first rest stop so he could get a doughnut. You know, he ends up perfectly fine out of these things 15-30 minutes after them, and thinks he is getting things like a doughnut just because. Hey, whatever makes him happy.

All my kitties are doing well. They are happy. Moses is fat, he was diagnosed with asthma, which I am neglectfully not doing anything about. You know, I was supposed to pill him 3 or 4 times a day. It was terrible. He would cry, I would cry, fur was everywhere, and then one day he bit me and I was done! Called my vet and now we have an inhaler to try. I have not bought the meds yet because they will cost me $150 (just don't tell me Dad that). His attacks are so infrequent and short that I am not worried. He can breathe fine most of the time and if he does have an attack, I shove the steroid pill down his throat. It is a wonderful job. Besides him, everyone else is fabulous. Happy, healthy, and just living the good life. I tell you what, when I die, I want to come back as one of my cats. They have the right idea, sleeping all day...and majority of the night, playing every now and then, eating, getting treats, who could honestly ask for anything more?

Super is wonderful. She stayed last week at Gail's house while I went home. Besides tearing up the bottom of her door she was wonderful. I mean over New Years she went through a glass window, so a door is a bit better....right? Well when I was home, Gail called me and asked "if I buy one of these super crates that Sadie is now staying in, would you like it? I mean you can have it until Sadie isn't with us and if I could just get it back that would be great." (Mind you this is a $500 crate.) Her reasoning behind it was, "it will keep her much safer during storms (which we frequently have in Florida), and since Sadie is half mine, you know?" Well I was more than happy to tell her that if she wanted to buy this crate for Super, she could be 3/4 hers. Well the crate is here and set up and wonderful. I will get some pictures up hopefully soon.

Phillip is hanging in there, his job sucks. He is trying to find things to do that make him happy in an attempt to cancel out the misery from his terrible job. Fingers crossed he will find that soon. In an attempt, he ordered the Wall Street Journal, cute and smart, what more could a girl ask for? We have come to an agreement about Christmas, and for those of you who I talk to often knew what a battle that was. Oh yeah, and we locked ourselves out of my house on Saturday evening. It was wonderful. After 30 minutes of panicking, and me trying to break into my house and looking for crawl spaces in the attic that would drop us into the house I remembered that Kelly had a copy of my key. That was fun. On a side note, we went to Atlanta and stayed at the Ritz (I know very fancy) and had a wonderful time. I will try to remember to post some pictures from that trip also.

Keri and Alex moved up to Georgia, Ms. Davis starts teaching 2nd grade in T-minus, 3 days. Very exciting for them. They got this great apartment, that as soon as we can plan a good weekend for both of us I plan on seeing. They are just south of Atlanta, which is fun since there is always something to do.

My family is wonderful, my parents had hurricane proof windows and doors put on the house this weekend which is very exciting. Nothing else really going on with them. Dad is gearing up for a new school year, and Mom is getting ready for her Stroke Committee thing. Caity starts classes in a few weeks and is taking on 4 this semester which is the most she has taken at a time. She has taken 3 every other semester and gotten either A's or B's so I think that has boosted he confidence with school.

On exciting me news, I got into nursing school. YAY!! Anyone stuck listening to me whine about it for the last I don't know 3 years or so is quite relieved to know that half the battle is done. Now I just have to do well, fingers crossed for me. I start 3 weeks from today and am so excited. I should get my new pink stethoscope tomorrow, and I am going to school to get a new ID card, print my syllabus and buy the 600 or so books that are required.

As exciting as nursing school is, I am terribly sad to be leaving my boys. Now granted, I know, I am not really leaving because I will sit for them for football games and on the weekends and what not, but my daily dose of silliness and love is not going to be there. Those boys are so special to me. I mean, I know kids are special, but these boys have a special place in my heart. It will be hard for me to stay away from there, which I am sure will make Robbie happy since he keeps asking me when we can have a play date. I will just miss the little things, like sitting around the dinner table with them. I think that is probably my favorite time of the day. We sit and we talk about everything. It is fun and relaxing.

I guess that is really it in my life. It was a quick synopsis of my summer. Many of my friends are dealing with different personal struggles/bumps/hurdles (depends on who it is) just keep them in your prayers. I guess we are just getting older. It is weird, but I guess it has happened to us too. *Sigh*