Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sunday has come and gone all too quickly. I wish I could slow some days down and speed up others. Today I got up early, took a practice math test, blinged out some planters with the help of my special bloggy friend CG, made Phillip lunch for the week (chicken enchiladas), took a nap, worked on my NPR, went for Mexican, then putzed for basically the rest of the evening. It was nice.

I wanted to throw these pictures of my new planters in, I hope you like them.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hodge Podge

I haven't posted since Wednesday, I've been busy. I figure I'd throw together a quick post updating my week.

Wednesday and Thursday I had clinicals on that terrible floor. I have only two more shifts on that floor, thank goodness. The nurses half ass everything and it is so frustrating. I like cardiac, but hate...hate that floor. This coming week I have 1 math test, 2 days of class, 2 days in the nursing home, 1 day in rehab, and 1 afternoon in lab. This week is going to be incredibly busy. We have 3 more weeks, only 3 more weeks until summer break...push!!

Yesterday I had an NSA meeting and class. The meeting was just as boring as class. I have 90 minutes on the eyeball (yuck) and 90 minutes on the ear. Then once class got out, I had to head to the bank then to Moe's (Welcome to Moe's!). After lunch I had to head to PetSmart and I helped Gail set up then took Sup to her hair cut. I love when Ralph get Super all beautiful. She looks like a fluffy little bear, I love it!!

Last night Phillip and I headed to Macarooni Grill for dinner, it was yummy!! Oh, I'm hungry now and I think I'm going to have my left overs...yum.

Lastly Noody and I got up early this morning and went to a few garage sale. We bought this super cute hot pink vase for $1 and a suitcase holder for $3 that I put new ribbons on. I also finished up my bar stools. Here are some before and after pictures. I am excited to bring them into the house later today once I am comfortable that the paint has completely dried. Ok, here are some pics:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I know I posted this picture with the 50 other I posted yesterday, but I wanted to give it the attention it deserves! I love this picture, I love the Nood. He gets this sense of entitlement when he visits someone's house to stay, he decides that since he gets to stay there, he has to protect it. He let all the other dogs and people walking too close to the house that they are too close...woof!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tennessee and picture overload!!

I'm back from Tennessee! We had a phenomenal time! It was weird being out there disconnected from the outside world, but at the same time it was incredibly peaceful. Phillip's Dad is doing as good as can be expected, his pain is getting worse, but they are meeting with a pain specialist when they get back to Florida in a few weeks. I think that should make everything easier for everyone. All things considered, Phillip's mom is doing wonderfully. She is handling this so much better than anyone expected. She is holding her own while taking care of EVERYTHING that needs to be taken care of.

We got in on Friday morning at 0230. Roman and I woke up pretty early and took a walk, some of these pictures are from that walk. We all had a nice breakfast together and then went into town to run some errands. I am trying to think of everything we is all running into one another. We went to Walmart to pick things up, we picked out a hummingbird feeder that has definitely attracted the babies. I love it. Friday night we went to dinner at a local place and then Sherry and Wilson's friends, Cindy and Carol came into town.

On Saturday we all got up and had a big breakfast and then Phillip and I left for white water rafting. We had a blast! We spent an hour and a half rafting down the river, we hit probably about 15 class 4 rapids and it was AWESOME! After we got back Phillip was smart enough to get a nap, that is definitely something I should have done considering how much sun we had taken in that day. All I remember is that we had fajitas for dinner.

Then Sunday rolled around and I don't remember what we did. I honestly can't remember, apparently I should have taken notes, lol. We went to a AA baseball game, we left about 1530 to head into town fro dinner before the game. I love baseball, we had a great time at the game. Chattanooga lost, we are starting to realize that they aren't that great. They are the Dodger's farm league team. Pretty crappy memory huh?

Well Monday, that was yesterday, I should be able to remember yesterday. We got up late, 1030ish. Then we quickly got ready and headed to town. We first stopped by a winery for some wine tasting. The wine was actually decent I didn't think it would be since it was middle of nowhere Tennessee, but it was. After we left the winery we headed just down the road to an Amish farm. I was in a little sun dress, of course the first thing I see is a sign that says something along the line "we appreciate our customers and we appreciate them dressing respectfully," crap! Luckily Cindy had a sweater I could borrow. I strapped that sucker on and we proceeded to buy, a ton of strawberries which were completely blood red all the way through. They were incredible. We also bought apple butter, strawberry preserve for Shelley, cucumber, blueberries, Cindy and Sherry also bought a gord to paint...whatever that means. :) We also then went and bought flowers from Lowes for Sherry to plant sometime later this week. We went home and then BBQed last night. I spent a good amount of time on the porch reading my book. I am currently reading "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks, I love him, I love his books.

Other than that, Phillip and I got home today around 1600. I have been just puttering around the house--checking email, catching up on blogs, laundry, baking brownies, the essentials, you know!?! That is all I have to say for tonight, I have clinicals in the morning and I am giving meds and doing my NPR, I don't know how I got so lucky to be stuck doing both of them on the same day. I am viewing it as punishment. Definitely punishment. Oh yeah, one more thing. Phillip and I decided to work on being more romantic. We are alternating days, he is evens, I am odds, on our respected days we have to do something romantic for each other. I am really excited about it. I'll let you know how that goes.

Anyways, without further ado...picture overload with of course, a tour!

Sherry and Wilson in front of their fireplace.
The Bennetts and the Nesoms.
The view from the front yard look straight towards the road (east).
The view from the front yard looking south.

The mountains looking from their street (Copeland).
The mountains looking from their street (Copeland).
The home from the top of the hill.
The front of the house.
The Nood guarding another home he feels protective over.
The home from the street.
This is my favorite picture. It is the house from where the swing Wilson built lives, I just love seeing what Wilson is capable of making. It's incredible.
The kitchen.
The kitchen.
The kitchen.
The kitchen.
Nood keeping Sherry's nice furniture warm.
The livingroom from the front door.
Looking at the dining room from the kitchen.
In the dining room.
Laundry room.
Bathroom 1.
Bathroom 1.
Bedroom 1.
Sherry's den.
The mud room.
Master bedroom.
Master bedroom sitting area.
Master bathroom.
Master bathroom.
View from window over Wilson's nightstand.
Back porch 1. This is the only screened in porch and it is off the mudroom.Stairwell down to the basement.
Basement, also known as the media room.
Bathroom 2.
Basement bedroom 1. Each bedroom in the basement has 2 windows and a door that leads out to the back porch.
Basement bedroom 2.
Back porch.
Back porch.
Backyard from the back porch.
Side yard from the back porch.
Side yard from the back porch.

Clue for Prince Phillip: In your first clue, all the letters are moved one forward in alphabetical order.

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