Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie

...Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!

I told you guys in an earlier post about our tone body bet we have going on, well since I am planning on winning I am trying to decide on a bikini. :) I am a loyal Victoria's Secret shopper so clearly I wouldn't get a bathing suit from anywhere else!

Here are some that I like, let me know which one(s) are your favorite and why.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5:

Haha! Just kidding on #5!!

Let me know which one(s) are your favorite because I think I #1 might be my favorite (it reminds me of my favorite wedding dress so far--you'll eventually see why).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holy Shred!

...and Happy Valentine's Day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your love. Phillip and I had a very nice low key day. I woke up before him (which has been the norm this weekend), made his Valentine's Day card and when he woke up I was playing Super Mario Bros on the Wii. Love that game! We just got the game on Friday and have had a ton of fun with it.

We then hung out and watched HGTV together--we both get sucked into the shows. We love to share our thoughts on the homes and just see how other people live and what other people like, it is amazing how individualized decorating taste is. We decided today that we are going to retire in the Caribbean. It came up while watching HGTV--Phillip was actually the one who brought up the idea (like I'd say no) and I jumped right on board. I am going to look at some homes and stuff in the Caribbean so we can get an idea of how much we will need to put away to enjoy spending our retired life together. The only thing we need to make sure is that the country we pick allows animals to be brought into the country, because it is obvious that we will have pets...always. :)

We then laid a workout bet on the line (more on that in a minute), headed to Moe's for Phillip's final hurrah of a Billy. After enjoying lunch we then headed to Sports Authority where Phillip bought new golf gloves and a new golf towel, then to the driving range. Meghan (my GVille BFF) swung by the range because Phillip and I spoiled her and baby Emma (she is 20 weeks preggo) while we were in Saint Augustine yesterday. We got her a caramel, chocolate and nut covered apple, a bag of war heads and a baby shoe charm for her Pandora bracelet and then we got Emma 5 newborn onesies; 2 3-6 month onesies, one says Smiles are Free and the other has glitter covered ballet slippers on it (Meghan was a ballerina so clearly appreciated this); then we got a 3-6 month long sleeve green onesie that says Snow much fun and has a picture of little elephants decorating a Christmas tree; and the last thing we got her was a 3-6 month long sleeve onesie with a gingerbread men on it as well as red matching pants with little gingerbread men around the cuffs. Meghan was very appreciative and thankful for all the presents--honestly though, Phillip and I had so much fun at Oshkosh and Carter's yesterday! He is going to be such a phenomenal Daddy, I am so lucky!

Anyways, we then headed to Target so I could buy some free weights and get a Jillian Michael's DVD--hence the Holy Shred! I got the 30 day Jillian Michael's DVD and did the first workout. I didn't think the beginner one was going to be that hard but holy crap! I had considered buying the 8# weights at Target and thank God Phillip talked me into the 5#. It was nuts. I love a good workout and it was definitely a great workout. I am scared to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow because I am going to be ridiculously sore...ouch! It will all be worth it when I win the bet. :)

Anyways, as far as the bet. We obviously want to be our skinniest and hottest on our wedding day so we have a workout inspiration bet going. Phillip wants to get down to his wedding goal weight (215#) and I had originally said my goal would be to get down to 120# but Phillip thinks that is too small, so we decided I would get down to 125# and tone. Anyways, whoever gets to their goal first wins. Well Phillip just has to get there and I have to get there and STAY there for a month before I win. Obviously 125# is only 3-4# smaller then I am now, so that is why I have to get there and be toned to win. So...what's on the line--a new outfit. If Phillip wins, I have to buy him a new outfit and if I win Phillip will have to buy me a new bikini (hopefully I can talk my wonderful Mommy into buying me a few new outfits :)). That's the bet, any tips you guys have would be fantastic. :) Thanks!!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

The lovely Becca over at Made with Love awarded these three lovely awards my way.

The first award is called the Beautiful Blogger Award. The rules to this one is to list seven things about yourself.

1. I always wanted to move up north, well that was until the cold snap we had this winter. It was terrible. We had highs in the twenties--that was ridiculous! I would be fine with these cold temperatures if I could stay in my snuggie, curled up with the Nood and a good book. However, in the real world we are supposed to go to work, go to the grocery store, take the dogs on walks, etc. Productivity + cold weather = fail for me. I'll keep Florida.

2. I don't have a lot of clothing that fit. I've lost about twenty pounds since I started nursing school so nothing fits. I even bought new jeans about 10lbs ago--they are big on me now. I don't really know what to do. I hate that I look so figureless when I go out, but at the same time, I am about 8lbs from my goal wedding weight (120) so if I buy new jeans...again (mind you at $60ish each) then they wont fit by the time next winter rolls around--dilemmas!

3. I have a Pandora bracelet that I love. Currently all the charms on it except for the first charm I have given myself. Shelley, Bill and the boys got me my Pandora bracelet for our first Christmas together in 2006 since then I've added 5 charms. The initial one from the boys is a hanging breast cancer ribbon, then added a silver bead with light blue gemstones (my Grandfather's birthstone) from after he passed away, after that I added a little house from when I bought my first home in Feb 2008, then I have a blue murano bead from when I was accepted into nursing school (we wear blue scrubs), after that, I added a little sea shell with a starfish on it from when Phillip and I got engaged--lastly, my most recent one is a cute little Panda Bear. I got the Panda after Phillip's Dad passed away--his favorite place to travel to was Asia, so I thought that the Panda was a perfect tribute to him. :)

4. I have a love/hate relationship with school. I absolutely love learning new things and I desperately miss school when I am not in it--however, in the middle of the semester (when I feel like I am drowning) I hate it! The end!

5. My favorite color is green. I have always loved green but since my mom got breast cancer, pink kind of became my honorary color. I am cool with it because I really like pink and have never been super girly, but this gives me a chance to embrace it. Pink is in. :)

6. I love children, I couldn't imagine working in any other setting. I originally went to college for deaf education and now obviously nursing, I just don't think my days would be as joyful if I didn't work with the little ones day in and day out.

7. I love sweets, yum!! I eat sweets daily and that is almost the only thing I crave. I love cupcakes, brownies, Skittles, Swedish Fish, did I mention cupcakes?!? I wish that they were lower in calories so I could eat more of them! Phillip, lovingly, calls me his "fat kid." I am able to take it with a grain of salt, because it is lovingly. The first time he called me that in front of his family both his oldest sister and his mom gasped! They couldn't believe he would be so rude, lol!

I am passing this award onto:

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Friday, February 12, 2010, PICU. :)

So I've totally been MIA, well I haven't been MIA--I've been in the hospital like woah!

I have been in the PICU for three shifts this week and I've also had two exams in the last two weeks. I am so sick of school, but I only have 77 days left until I'm done! I didn't do so hot on my exam today :/ but instead of freaking out I decided to just embrace it and kick butt on my final in a few weeks.

Anyways, let's stop talking about school--let's talk weddings!!

We recently just paid our photographer deposit, but that's about it. I still haven't decided on much else. Hopefully this weekend I can get some of it done. I booked an appointment to go to the bridal salon to hopefully (fingers crossed) buy my gown. We put a limit of $1,000 for the dress, so there are a good number of options under that limit. As far as details go, I am EXTREMELY detailed orientated so whenever I think about our wedding I think of all the little things that I plan on us doing.

Here is a sneak peak:

I am definitely ordering these for our champagne toasts. The bar will put one of these in every glass of champagne. You put them in the glass and then fill the glass with champagne and the flowers bubble and tint the champagne pink (perfect)!

These are what I am looking to do for our centerpieces. I am looking basically do 5 vases on a table, one large one and four little ones, all with orchids submerged and lit up by submergable LED lights. I will also probably do a bunch of small glass tea lite vases (different sizes) and put candles in those. We are getting married just before sunset so we can do pictures at sunset, so it will be getting dark just as our reception begins. Here are some ideas of the centerpieces (the first one is most like what I want to do except the vase wont be lit up with only a candle but with the submergable light also):

I haven't decided on tablecloths yet. I really like the idea of doing white tablecloths with colorful accents on it, like the flowers, candles, table numbers, etc. That's really all I've got for you guys this far, I need to really work on some ideas I have for our ceremony so I can see how it all comes together. I'll post that when I get to it.

Also, we have 12 entries in the giveaway I'm doing and we still need some more before we can down the drawing. If you post about it on your blog and then come over and leave me a comment telling me you did this you will get an extra entry in the giveaway. Head over here to enter if you haven't already:

Have a wonderful Friday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

GIVEAWAY because cancer sucks!

Ok, so cancer f-ing sucks. It is absolutely stupid, I cannot believe that this disease hasn't been eradicated yet. I am watching the Extreme Home Makeover that aired on ABC last night. The story is a mother, who is also a teacher, has stage 4 colon cancer. She has a husband, a 13 year old daughter and twin 5 year old girls. These girls will grow up without their mom, it is as simple as that. She is still going throw chemo as a palliative treatment to extend her life as long as possible, but the fact of the matter is at some point, this loving husband and doting children will lose their wife and mother. It blows. I am so sick of hearing about this disease killing people and destroying families, it shatters hope and dreams and it just sucks. While in nursing school, out of 4 semesters, I spent 2 of them on a hem/onc (cancer) floor. Even after dealing with cancer on such a personal level with my Mom, and breast cancer, and then losing Phillip's Dad 4 months ago to mesothelioma I was amazed at how touched and emotional I get with these patients.

Anyways, two things, one is Phillip and I are walking again for Relay for Life in April and last year we raised nearly a grand and this year we are hoping to beat it, so if you have a little extra (I know most of us don't) and can donate it is greatly appreciated. Our website is:

Two, is I am going to be doing a giveaway on behalf of kicking cancer's ass. If you are a follower just leave a comment and that will get you one entry into the drawing, if you refer someone else over to my page, and they become a follower have they write your name in the comment and then they will get an entry and you will get another one. The last way to get an entry is to donate on our relay for life team page--donating will get you another entry. I am going to wait until I have twenty entries to do the drawing.

Here is what I will be giving away. First is this cute shirt:

(Image from The Breast Cancer Site.)
I will of course get your size when you win. :)

Second in the giveaway is this bracelet:

(Image from The Breast Cancer Site.)

Phillip's Dad wore a bracelet just like this (well the man's version) through his fight with cancer on it, it says "What Cancer Cannot Do: corrode faith, shatter hope, destroy peace, silence courage, invade the soul, steal eternal life, conquer the spirit, cripple love, kill friendship, suppress memories."

So anyways, addy up and get in on this giveaway. Don't forget to support the fight for the end of cancer. It doesn't matter which color you fight for (mine obviously being pink), just get out there and support those living and fighting this terrible disease!