Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letters to our Sons: June

My Dearest Baby,

I came across this quote “children become the things they see,” and it got me thinking.

I hope you see joy, I hope you see patience and most importantly, I hope you see love. This is what I want you to become.

You’ve been here on this Earth for a whole year now and for a whole year you have trusted me—I hope I haven’t let you down. I have cared for you---held you when you cried, laughed with your silly antics and nourished your growing body.

The question I have gotten most with your birthday is when will I wean you— I generally answer oh sooner or later, just give people an answer so they leave me alone, but the truth is I’m not going too. You will wean when you are good and ready be that in a week or in a year. For the last year of your life and even before that as you grew in my womb I have let you call the shots in regards to your needs. My belly got stretch marks as you putting on the weight you needed before you graced us with your presence, my water broke when it was time for you to enter this world and when you cried out of hunger and I happily feed you; why should this be any different? I’m your Mommy and you need me, my goal is for you to grow and be what you see well this for you my son is love. See this love and one day grow up into the best Daddy you can be and I will know I’ve done my job.

I know without a doubt you will not nurse forever. You will not come home from elementary school and have a snack of cookies and breast milk, you will not run off the baseball diamond and come over to nurse, I know this and for now you nurse—that’s ok. One day our nursing time will be replaced with just snuggles before bed, and I will savor those minutes as much as I savor these, but for now we nurse.

You are my beautiful baby, continue to grow big and strong, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.
I love you to the moon and back,