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Letters to our Sons: January

Seventeen women all with two things in common, sons and a love of photography have decided to participate in this "Letters to our Sons" circle.  At the end of my letter you will see a link to another blog.  I invite you to click on the link and continue reading the blogs until you complete the circle.
My Dearest Baby,

It is hard to believe you are already seven months old—just saying that makes my heart both burst with joy and cry in disbelief at the same time. It feels like just yesterday we were navigating through the torrential down pour to bring you home for the very first time and in the same breath, it feels like you have been in my life forever.

You are my pride and joy, I stare at you and I cannot believe that you are mine—you are half Daddy and half me.

This month has been huge as far as your development, or as your Meemaw calls them, your new tricks! You are a jumping fool—anything that can be jumped on or in is what you are doing (my belly, Daddy’s chest, your exersaucer, your jumper, when we stand you on anything, it’s clearly for you to be jumping), you are sitting up and playing, rolling back and forth, petting the puppies and the kitties, eating food and my favorite when I snuggle you, you rub my face—it’s as though you are saying “Hi Mommy, I love you.”

Your laugh is infectious; I cannot help but smile when I hear you giggle. When Daddy is playing with you and I overhear your belly laugh my heart swells with joy.

There is so much I want to show and teach you, I want to make sure your life is filled with as much happiness as you bring to mine. I want to teach you to love and be loved, I want you to seek joy in everyday, and I want you to be a life long learner.

Continue to grow big and strong my beautiful boy but always remember no matter how big you grow to be you are always my baby.

I love you to the moon and back,


Next in the circle is Carrie Trauterman Pyle, the two things we have in common is the love for our son and the love for photography. I invite you to follow the chain by visiting her link and read her letter to her son.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

P52W3: Shallow Depth of Field

Love this boy and his spit bubbles and believe it or not, his drool!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

P52W2: Silhouette

My whole world!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

P52W1: New Year

This is a beautiful little girl who I had the opportunity to take care of and as the title would have it, bring in the new year with. Here's to a new year and to the hopes for a cure! (Don't worry you HIPAA people, I have a signed release for pictures and posting from her parents!)

I am a member of the amazing forum (if you've got a love for photography like me, check it out). Well I am participating in the project 52, which is a theme assigned each week and we have to take a picture and post to our facebook group accordingly. I will post the topic in the title each week and of course the image in the post. Enjoy!