Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vroom vroom!!

We are getting back into shape, come hell or high water!

We are running this bad ass half marathon in 4 and a half months:

I am registered as is the Hubby and my Mom is registering also. Today the Hubby and I headed out to the new running store in Gainesville called Fit to Run about spend $291 getting some new running gear for ourselves. We both bought new sneakers and a pair of Thorlos (these are without question the most amazing running socks out there).

Phillip has a terribly hard time finding good fitting sneakers because his feet are too wide so we kind of had the man find some that fit him best. Phillip ended up with a pair of New Balance (which we knew he would) 1260s. They cost us a little bit of money at $145 but it'll be worth it if training goes well!

I on the other hand got a much wider choice of shoes. I decided that since I ran in Mizuno's for my last half marathon that it would be good idea to stick with what works. I got this bad ass pair. The color is really wacky but for some reason I L*O*V*E* them! Mine were a little cheaper than Phillip's at $100.

That's my little update for today. ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Riley's New Life

I obviously plan on doing a scrapbook for Ms. Riley but I'm not planning on doing it now. I need to keep a running post of Riley's life, so when I decide to actually do her book I'll remember everything.

Visit #1:
September 6, 2011

Roman Noodle and I drove all the way down to Ocala to just meet Ms. Riley. Roman and Riley played well together and I made the executive decision (since the hubby couldn't come down that day) that she would fit into our home.

Visit #2:
September 15, 2011

Phillip, Roman and I drove down to Ocala to pick up Riley. She was supposed to be spayed on Sept 14 and then we were picking her up on the 15, well we get down there and it turns out that they took the wrong "Ginger" to be spayed on Sept 14. Needless to say, we were super bummed. They wouldn't let us take her home. They told her us that she would be spayed on Sept 16 and they would drive her up to meet us on Sept 16. We decided since we drove all the way down there we would at least have a play date with this sweet girl. Here are some pics from that visit:

Gotcha Day
September 17, 2011

I know this is a shocker, but they took her into the OR too late on Friday that we couldn't pick her up until Saturday. (Whatev at this point--not really, I was pissed but I couldn't do anything about it.) Anyways, it is now Saturday morning, we pulled out of our driveway at 7:30 to drive back down to Ocala, yet again, this time to pick our girl up and FINALLY bring her home. Here are some pictures from our Gotcha Day.

Here is our sweet girl saying goodbye to the shelter. Dueces!

So stinking cute!

She finally settled down on our way home and just laid down and relaxed.

First walk with her Papa.

September 19, 2011

We had our first vet visit today. She did really well and everyone there loved her, but more importantly than her first vet visit--she stuck her head out the car window for the first time. ;) This may seem very silly but on our drive home from the shelter she was too scared of the wind to ride like a normal dog (head out the window) so I was pretty stoked when she finally did it.

Anyways, that is the run down on what has been going on with this little girl. She is absolutely adorable--she is fooling us into thinking she is potty trained already (?), we have been working on some commands with her such as sit, down and paw, she's just pretty much a badass like that. I <3 it. Roman is pretty grumpy, he is not feeling this puppy thing, I am hoping her is going to get over it sooner rather than later because it makes me sad that he is sad. :( The cats also are not feeling this whole puppy thing, the could do without her. Two of the cats are acting fine, Gibby and Moses. Gibby whaps her when needed and Moses does the same. I don't usually sit too far from the H2O spray bottle just incase I need it. Ok, well that's all I've got for you. I'll leave you with a picture to show you how much Riley is NOT spoiled, lol.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lookie, Lookie!

We will be welcoming this little girl to our family!

This is Ginger, she is an almost 15 week old boxer girl. I found her on PetFinder. She is located at the Marion County Humane Society and I went down there yesterday to meet with this little girl and to have Roman Noodle meet with her. We decided after our meet and greet that this little girl would be a great fit for our family.

She has to stay at the shelter for another week to get spayed and then we get to bring her home. Hubby and I went to PetSmart yesterday and spent a small fortune on buying new collars, harnesses, crate, crate bed, puppy food, puppy toys, etc. We have her new little home all set up, we can't wait to get this little girl home.

This sweet girl will be coming home with a brand new name, she is going to be Riley in our home. We cannot wait to get her home. Here are a couple of (crappy) pictures (I forgot my camera so this is all off my cell) of this sweet girl from our meet and greet yesterday, enjoy!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We're back!

Costa Rica was amazing!! We are back and although we had the most wonderful time we are so happy to be back home. I have a billion pictures (well maybe not quite) but a whole lot and I'll separate them so your computer doesn't stage a coup and shut done on you. ;) We did some amazing things on vacay, we hiked in the rain forest (literally), zip lined way high above Earth and went canoying down waterfalls (true story). Here are some shots from our Zip lining adventure--enjoy!

We booked a zip lining adventure in the Quepos area of Costa Rica, it was about an hour drive from our hotel in Los Suenos. We were so excited to do this, well I was, the hubby embodied the fake it until you make attitude and ended up loving it too. I booked the trip from the US about a week before we left, it was one of the adventures we knew we needed to do and we are so thankful we did it. The company we used was Canopy Safari and we would use them again if we went back, no questions asked there.

Ok, so without further ado--enjoy some pics of our amazing zip lining adventure!

Here we are all decked out in our sexy sexy equipment!

This is our first zip line, wasn't too far and it was a great start!

Here is the scariest part of the trip, we did what was called a Tarzan swing, where we literally swung between two platforms a billion feet up from the rain forests floor. (So side tip, tricky me, knew that this was on our adventure and I conveniently forgot to tell the hubby because I knew he'd say no go on this adventure--we're both happy now I didn't tell him!)

Here is our holy f*** what are we doing look.

Then we rappelled down two different platforms--so awesome!

Can I tell you just how much I love this picture of my husband--he just looks so handsome!

Another few ziplines--so much fun!

Anyways, that was our zip lining adventure and it was beyond what we expected! We loved it!