Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Test, what test?

Yeah, so I have a test at 0800. It is on...breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, testicular cancer, oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, ingestion, cholelithiasis, GERD, PUD and pancreatitis. I am sure I am forgetting something, but whatever. You can tell since I am on here posting that I am really studying for this test. I am so DONE with school and I still have...394 days until graduation. :(

I feel like the little engine that could, I think I can, I think I can.

I went for a quick run today and I need to figure out how to step it up. I definitely want to increase my milage. I am not so concerned about my pace right now, but would rather jack up the milage...any tips? Let me hear them!

Anyways, Roman Noodle has a urinary tract infection poor little booger. I called the vet to have her write me a script for clavamox-got to love professional curtosy. It is a 14 day treatment with a pill with breakfast and a pill with dinner, at least he doesn't care about taking meds.

It's almost my birthday and we are doing something so freaking cool. I will keep it a secret (yeah like I can keep a secret) until I get home on Sunday night with pictures to do a posting. Other than that there isn't much else going on in my life, with the exception to all the cancers listed above as well as the G.I. stuff. (By the way, I have learned to stay far away from G.I. I don't want anything to do with any of that!) If you haven't taken a moment to look at my relay post (two down) please do and give me your opinions...I need creativity people!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pouting Pets

I am entering this picture for the I "heart" faces pouting pet entry. This is my Super Sadie saying "No more pictures Mom!"

If you guys want to enter in this fun contest or just check out the beautiful pictures, head on over to: www.iheartfaces.com


Ok, ok-Sara is holding a gun to my head giving me a option if I don't get posting more often. Clearly with her option or posting, I'll take posting.

We are kicking off our Relay for Life fundraising today and I'm so excited. That excitement is not sarcasm, but I am honestly excited about it. I have drafted our fundraising email that will go out to my family and Phillip's family's friends tonight. That email is the one that goes through Relay and gives people a link right to our donation page, I've also made a status update on facebook about it (not that any of my poor college friends have money, but you never know!) I know posting the link up here is a shot in the dark, but I figure it couldn't hurt. If you are fortunate enough to be able to make a donation, (the minimum allowed online is $5) we would love to have your support because every little bit, big or small helps! Here is the link: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLFY09National?px=10200473&pg=personal&fr_id=13387
Also, I totally wouldn't mind if you wanted to pass this link off to your super rich friends, lol. No seriously though, if you know anyone who would like to donate please pass it on. :)

Another thing, I am working on getting some fundraisers together. We are doing some as a nursing program but I would love for Phillip and I to do some as an individual team. I was thinking of selling luminaries. I think that doing them for $5 a piece is reasonable, but do you think $3 for 1 or $5 for 2 would be more enticing. Another option is to leave it up to donation for the individuals, but I am afraid some people wont give but 50 cents and then without a baseline I would still have to do it. With the luminaries, I will have people if their here decorate their own luminaries with markers, glitter, etc. but if people far away wanted to buy a luminary they could email me the name of the honoree as well as a tribute message and I will decorate one for them. My friend Beth also mentioned making these super cute flower pins, but I think they will be too time consuming (well at least with someone as crafty challenged as me) so maybe just doing some cute purple ribbon pin for people, what do you all think? Please, those creative souls out there in blog land, send me both your creativity as well as your fundraising ideas. Muchas gracias!!

Another thing, I'm a bit worried about Phillip and the whole Relay thing. I am so totally excited that he's willing to participate, but at the same time, I'm worried about his physcological health. I think that this is going to be emotional, it will be emotional for me, for everyone, but for someone who has a Dad dying of cancer it hurts, you know? I don't think there is anything we can do to lesson the sting, but I am worried. I know he is an adult so obviously he would say that he doesn't want to do it, but I think there are times when we don't think it will be emotional and it hits us. I know I thought I would be fine at the breast cancer half marathon and wow, did some of it just hit me. Here I am running my bum off at mile 6 or 7 and I'd see something that would put tears in my eyes. Who knows, I guess everyone is different.

I love you all, thanks for your support!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

8.6 Miles of fun!

I am doing a terrible job posting...sorry.

Today was a good day, as was last night. We started the morning out oh so early to do the March for Babies. Apparently from what I've heard, March for Dimes originated in Gainesville in relations to Shands and we have the LONGEST walk in the nation at 8.6 miles. Well Phillip and Roman Noodle did the walk with me and a few of my fellow nursing students. I will post some pictures later. Roman was so funny because he walked for a bit and then he rode in his carrier, but for whatever reason, the angle his carrier was at, his little nose was smushed up to the front screen which pushed his lips up and he showed all his teeth during his ride...it was funny. The walk was great through, especially around the 5th mile where they had survivor stories on big signs with pictures, but it gets better than that, they had the families with these babies/children/teenagers there. It was a nice pick me up at the mile. Holy crap though, it was quite obvious today that I don't do enough hill training because man am I sore-my knees especially! It was totally worth it though.

Then the rest of my day was pretty boring. I had to head to PetSmart to pick up dog food from Gail and she told me that while they were unloading dogs for adoptions today her Dad fell once after shutting the back door of the van and then once right after that when they tried to help him to his seat. The medics were called and tehy said the same thing I did about orthostatic hypotension. When I got there, about 2 hours after the inital fall I took his pulse and BP and everything was fine. Hopefully orthostatic hypotension was all that it was, fingers crossed. I then got home, quickly showered and babysat for Jodi for a few hours today. I can't complain when I have no money, but man, a nap sounded so good then.

Other than today, my week went well. I passed my very last checkoff of the semester on Tuesday on wet to dry dressing changing. Woo-hoo. I skipped the last hour of lecture on Wednesday because it was awful! I had a rough day at clinicals on Thursday but solely because of doing meds with Pat. She was so slow, she does a terrible job at organizing her time so she helped the other student do med pass, and Amy was terrible. Apparently she took nearly 20 minutes to only prime a new IV line. Needless to say, my patients got their 1400 meds at 1530. I was pissed. Then Friday it honestly wasn't much better. She is slow, doesn't think as critically as most nurses. I had to give Nexium through a NG tube, I knew that I should have mixed the solution before hooking it to the NG tube, but I did it her way. Her was was to kink off the NG tube to prevent air from getting in, then she had me connect the syringe to the NG tube, then add my 15cc of water then add my nexum...well go figure, the Nexium didn't dissolve and it was a pain in the ass. I was furious. I wish we could give meds with our RNs, but I guess it is too big of a liability issue with the school's insurance. I just keep telling myself, T-minus 4 clinical days left we Pat, and I don't have anything to do besides patient care any of those days. Thank goodness.

That's all for now, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I intend to spend the rest of my weekend doing NOTHING which will be fabulous. I'll be better about posting next week!

:) Meg

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday is here, much to my despair.

I hate Mondays. I slept pretty poorly last night, not quite sure why, but I was up a whole lot. I also ran late to school...I got up early to get there early. I was up at 0730, then went and plugged my Mac into my printer to print my NPR, reference page, med notes, and article then headed to the kitchen. I got myself a bowl of Cherrios and sat out on the porch while the dogs played for only 10 minutes, headed in and recopied my schedule from Thursday and Friday as well as my patient reports from those clinical days. I took a quick break and ran into the study to check on my NPR the times I performed my neuro assessments only to find that my printer ran out of ink and all my pages were scribly. I then had to change the cartridge, and then reprinted everything. Needless to say, I didn't get to shower and didn't get out of the house until 0830. My NPR had to be handed in my 0900 on the dot or I failed.

I got there ON TIME! Only to get to class to have Meghan ask me if I finished my sim lab...what sim lab? Oh the one due at 1100...crap! I did it throughout Rita's lecture on...I think it was on obesity. Whatever, lol. Once I got out of my two hours of lecture, I enjoyed sim lab as always, Margaret is fabulous and oh so tolerant of our goofiness. We got out a little earlier and Meghan, Bruce and I headed to Chiles for lunch...yummy-cheese fries! I then headed to Walmart and purchased, AA bateries, stuff to make my coupon book, a bind to transfer my notes from NP2 into and...oh yeah! And fabric to make a sleeve for my camera strap because I fell in love with all the ones posted on etsy but being a full time student and trying to be frugal I didn't want to spend $25 on it. I made my own tonight...yay me! I will post some pictures of it tomorrow, it is drying now.

I also talked to Keri for about a hour and a half. I love Keri, I miss her. I wish we lived closer to one another. We were talking about all her wedding fun. Alex and Ker are wearing white, then the maids are in black. Alex requested to wear something with carolina blue in it, so we decided on a hancheirf in that color and Keri's flower bouquet will be wrapped in that color ribbon. Then since the maids are in black to distinguish, me-her best friend-from everyone else, I will get to pick out my own style of dress...let the fun begin! I am so excited for her.

Then as for Phillip and I, we have had a rough few days. We've bickered, picked on each other, and nagged. Stupid I know, but I don't know how to stop it. I am going back to reading my book because that for whatever reason gives me patience for everything and gives me better insight. With his Dad being so sick it takes so much out of him. I am sure that even without talking to his Dad or any kind of interaction, I am sure he still thinks about it. The emotional rollercoaster for him takes so much out of him. I wish I could be more supportive. Anyways, keep the suggestions to a good relationship coming. I appreciate everything.

Oh yeah, I am also posting two pictures. The first is a new self portrait I needed for photo club and the second is one of Roman Noodle. We were in my room and I asked him if Papa was coming home soon (which obviously he wans't...I felt bad afterward) and this is what he did until I offered him a treat. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday...actually Sunday.

Today was a tough day. It is late and Phillip is asleep next to me with Roman in between us, little stinker. I am surprised he is even still in town after how rough this day was. I'll start back 24 hours ago.

We had gone out to dinner and bowling with our friends. When we got home, Phillip had been driving, I got out of the car in the driveway, because we pull in so close to the side that it is hard to get out the passenger door. Well I got out, and was shutting the door, the window had been open about an inch and I guess as I was shutting the door, Phillip was closing the window which my index and middle right finger were in. OMGoodness, it hurt so badly. I screamed and hit the floor so fast. I basically cried for the next 45 minutes because the pain was really that bad. Finally I turned on the TV, because if it was quiet the pain was intensified and fell asleep before Law and Order was over.

I woke up this morning, pissed at the world. It was just one of those got up on the wrong side of the bed kind of mornings. My fingers were still throbbing, I was hungry, I had to rush out to get to see Coop at soccer, etc. I couldn't get my pants fastened so I woke Phillip up and asked him, then he made some comment about me needing to buy bigger pants, which because I was in a bad mood I took offensively. Then I stormed around the house, asked him to help find my car keys, yelled at him when he was standing there with them because I couldn't find socks, etc. I left being a jerk and called before I got out of the neighborhood to apologize.

I then went and saw my boys...I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_2">olds play soccer is an experience in and of itself. There were a lot of tears for the players as they got tired, or another kid got the ball, or when they were told not to touch the soccer ball with their hands. It was amusing.

Then Bill and I and the boys headed to target. I wandered with them, each of the big boys picked out a present, then we both checked out and I headed to PetSmart. I visited with Gail for a bit, met some of her new dogs and just had a nice chat letting her know that I would come by on Monday to visit with her after class. Woo-hoo! :) Honestly though, since her dad has moved in with her she has been so pleasant, it has been wonderful.

Then I got home, was in a fine mood, kissed Phillip hello, took the dogs outside, then Phillip asked me when the face of one of my kitchen drawers had fallen off...huh? Um, never. Well I gave him attitude because for whatever reason I was convinced he had done it. It was basically all down hill this morning since I woke up. to quickly summarize the rest of the day. We didn't talk through lunch, fought while folding laundry, I then went to bed because my belly hurt and he took a nap also. He woke up and we fought again because I was frustrated he was standing there staring at me while I was cleaning. He left the room, I followed, we fought some more. He left and went out for a bit. We apologized over text message and then he came home. For whatever reason he was still upset, came home picked a fight with me and then it exploded.

Now we are ok, we've gotten over it, but I just hate days like this. Ever since his Dad has gotten sick things have been different between us. He understandably has been weird. He has no patience, and for those of you who don't know me well, I am someone who you have to have patience with to be friends with. He gets angry so much more often, basically his fuse is just that much shorter. We are both trying and Lord willing tomorrow will be a better day. We are going to relax and head to the garden festival at Kanapaha, I'll try to remember to take pictures. That place is beautiful. Well I'm off to bed, I can't figure out if that is Phillip snoring next to me or Super, so sleep is calling me name!

Do any of you in blog land have any suggestions on how to deal with this? Any tips on getting along with your SO? How about dealing with a person who is so emotionally fragile, because I feel like I am always walking on egg shells, and it is so hard! Any suggestions would help and be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long couple of days...

This has been a very long couple of days, so I am thinking that this post will be short.

On Tuesday I went to class, then went out with Meghan. We went to lunch and studied for about 3 hours, I came home and studied for about 3 more hours, went for a quick run, and then studied again for about 3 hours...It is awful. I got up this morning at 0630, headed to the Bagel Cafe, studied for about an hour and a half there. Well, I had my test this morning and pulled an 86!! As long as my grade keeps going up I'll take it. Others were not as fortunate so an 86 rocks my socks. Well after the test today, I went and got something to eat and then headed to the ED at NFRMC to get checked out...I was there for 7 hours! I have been having terrible stomach pains for the last 3-4 weeks, so I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong--there was nothing evident on the CT or blood work. I am just now making a concerted effort to start eating healthier. I will let you'll know if I make anything super tasty.

That's all I've got for you tonight. I'm exhausted, so until tomorrow my lovely blogger friends. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Over spring break I had a paper to write and I did not BS the entire paper, no not me, I wouldn't do that. I am way to dedicated to school to make up an old person and pretend to have done a safety inspection with them. Nope, not me. Also over break, I did not put off studying the entire time. I would never do that. I did not forget that my binder was in my car and not realize it was there until last night, nope. I also did not bring it with me to the BBQ last night, bring it in the house and leave it sitting closed on the counter. Nope, not me. This spring break went by WAY to quickly and I did not skip classes the first day back after a week off. Nope, not me, I am far to studious to do something like that. Whoops!

I also did not spend 2ish hours on the Wii last night at Phillip's house. No not me, I would never waste my precious time with something as mind numbing as a Wii. I also did not eat Reeses Pieces for lunch, no not me, I am an athlete, far too healthy to do something like that. I also raced on Saturday morning and ran into a friend from high school there and I did not sprint through the finish line just to beat her--nope, I would never do that. Also, since I did not sprint into the finish line, I did not take third place for my age group. :)

Oh yeah, so my best friend got engaged on Friday night (Yay Keri and Alex!!) and while I was shopping for wedding stuff I did not pretend I was looking for stuff for my wedding. Nope, I was completly focused on my best friend the entire time. I did not flip through wedding magazines and admiring dresses and thinking about the dress I will wear someday when I get married. Nope, not me, I was definitely only looking for Ker. I also did not want to keep the presents I got her for myself, and hide them so Phillip didn't see them and secretly plan my wedding...not me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh Thursdays!

Today...today was an interesting day!

I got up this morning just before 0900 and went out with my current best friend for a bit. It was a nice time for me to clear my head after last night.

After my run, I hung out in the house with Caity for a bit, I took some pictures of dear Jack Jr. He has gotten SO big.

My poor Roman Noodle was oh so sick today, poor baby. This morning after my run or during my run, Roman ate a hole in my Target bag and got into Recess Pieces. As soon as I saw it, I just thought, crap! I knew he was going to be so sick, I kind of just braced myself for it. He has thrown up probably a half dozen times today. I ended up laying a towel inside my Mom's bedroom in the back doorway with a bowl of water. He would go outside and puke, come in drink some water, lay there and then repeat. He seems to be doing much better--thank goodness. I just hate when my baby feels so poorly. Here is Nood just sitting outside being miserable today.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introducing Super...

Introducing Super...

I had always grown up with dogs, but when I was first able to get a pet (which I did as soon as I moved out of the dorms) I thought that a dog would be too much work since I traveled every other weekend, I decided to get a kitty. I got Moses before I even moved into my first apartment and then Maximus 4 months later. I only lived in that apartment for 7 months before I decided that I really hated Jacksonville and moved over to Gainesville to start my prereqs for nursing school. I moved in on a Wednesday and that Saturday I went to PetSmart to pick up some things, of course I went on the same day adoptions were held...not a good idea.

Well walking down the isles looking at the dogs I saw a beautiful Saint Bernard laying looking pitiful in a crate. I asked if I could take her out and visit with her. She was sweet and big and just so beautiful. When I got into the interview process, I found out that she was abused, a bit dog aggressive, loved cats--especially kittens, picky about men, 5 years old and a couch potato. I decided that she would be a perfect dog for me, only catch was that my parents specifically told me not to get any more animals. I talked to the woman, Gail, who ran the rescue, she told me that whenever I went home she would be happy to babysit her or if I needed anything not to hesitate to call. I handed over my $100 check, and happily went home with my beautiful Super Sadie.

I decided that the smart thing to do was just not tell my parents about her...yes, that was smart (not!). Well about 6 weeks after I got her, my little sister (16) at the time decided to run away from home, she left Fort Lauderdale and headed to the panhandle to visit her boyfriend. As soon as my parents realized this at 0600 they hoped in their car and headed after her. The only real problem with this plan was that they decided stopping for a night in Gainesville would be a good plan...CRAP! They got up there for lunch time, we were all sitting at McCalisters and I just blurted out, "I got a dog." My parents' eyes both got big and my Mom asked "what kind?" "A Saint Bernard," I replied. My Dad apparently found that amusing, "Seriously, the biggest dog possible?" They got over it and everyone loves her.

But that was Super's introduction. Super is now 8 and a half years old, as beautiful and sweet as ever.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

<3 Sparks

You've found it, click here.


It's far too hot here. It is miserably hot, we are doing nothing and still sweating. I am ready for the GVille weather, I wont be home until Monday. I think this might be the longest...no wait, December was the longest I had ever been away from my home. Well I miss my home, I miss my space.

Speaking of my space, I have decided on my spring cleaning projects. First major project that I am going to start...next Wednesday after my exam, is flip-flopping my house. I am going to move all my furniture from my study into the living room and vice versa. I think if I've watched TV in the living room a handful of times that would be a high estimate, so better use of the biggest room in the house would be to turn it into the study/dog room. I am going to move my bookcase with my books into the living room, along with my desk, the dogs crates...that might be it. Oh and I am going to get some kind of pleather couch for Super. Then...I'm going to move my couch, TV stand and TV into the study--that way it will be a little den. Also, when I have guests, which isn't very often they will have a TV in the study where they are sleeping. Oh yeah, my other spring cleaning project will be cleaning out my garage. There is a ton of crap in there and it needs to find a home.

Well today I didn't do much of anything, oh the joys of spring break. I had a doctors appointment this morning, I then played around on Blogger catching up on everyone's lives, hung out with Caity, we went to Bagel-Bagel for--you guessed it, a bagel, we then headed to BlockBuster and PetSmart. Roman needed to get his nails done today.

While hanging around at the house I got some pictures of Ms. Rummy-Bummy, a couple of her with Caity and one with her and Noody sunbathing.

Oh and here are some from our adventure to the park yesterday afternoon. We took Roman, Rummy and little pain Bella. Oh what good puppy control puppy sitting is.

Sleepy, sleepy puppies.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Lynnette has a great blog and she has started this blogger getting to know each other thing. I think it is fabulous. I joined and am going to make a concerted effort to visit at least the bloggers she features and if time allows me (which I am able to foresee with this being spring break) I'll visit others that have posted their interest in getting to know one another. Join in.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coconut Creek

I have finally made it down for Spring Break. It is nice to be home, it is nice to have no real responsibilities. Yesterday I got home, played with the neighbors new puppy (more on her later) then hung out with my parents. We didn't do anything exciting. I went to the grocery store with my mom, came home and wrote my OR paper, had Quiche for dinner and was asleep by 9:15. I am trying to finish Confessions of a Shopaholic so I can see the movie soon (since we all know how often I see movies).

Anyways, my parent's neighbors, the Gentiles, asked if Caity and I could watch sweet baby Bella while they went on vacation for 3 days and of course we said yes. Puppy sitting is a lot like babysitting in the respect of good birth control. It is super fun to have a puppy around and it is even better when you get to give them back. I just wanted to include a couple of pictures of Ms. Bella.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Quick, quick, quick!

I am going to just post a quick update and will post more later on since it's SPRING BREAK!

Last night I went to the digital photography meeting, it went well. March's assignment is "Nightlife," I posted a few shots up from NYC. (They are ordered from my least favorite to my most favorite.) I have every intention of shooting some nightlife stuff when I am home on break. My camera will not feel neglected after this week.

Today I had my OR rotation. I thought it was pretty boring, but I guess it isn't for everyone. I saw two total knee replacements, it is definitely a brutal surgery. Note to self (or all of you), avoid having a total knee replacement if at all possible. It was an excruciatingly long day, I couldn't sleep last night, but up for about an hour at 4 something and then my alarm went off at 0600. I went through the normal routine, including a bagel stop, and headed to the hospital. I was there from 0730 until 1500 when I got out early. The nurse I worked with today wasn't thrilled to have a nursing student at first, but she warmed up to me (thank God, could you imagine a 7 and a half hour day with someone who wanted nothing to do with you?). After that it was a mess, getting to PetSmart to get my cat food, to head home to pick up the dogs and feed the cats, to then head back to PetSmart to drop off the Super and get on the road. I didn't get to Orlando until 2030. I sat in traffic for who knows how long because I was bright enough to decide to leave GVille the same day everyone else left for Spring Break...not so smart.

Anyways, I'm here. All is good, I am heading down to South Florida tomorrow morning sometime and will enjoy a very nice week with my family.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3 more days

It is almost spring break and I honestly am so excited! Today I didn't have to be in school until lab at noon, so I spent the morning cleaning out my car for the drive home. I then spent a few hours in lab learning about wound dressing changes, woundvacs, and staple removal. It was actually a fun lab. Our last check off for the semester will be in 2 weeks on wet to dry dressing changes.

After lab Meghan and I headed to Tires Plus and dropped my car off to get it's oil changed. I was about 2k miles past due and thought it would be smart to get it done before the 5 hour drive home on Friday/Saturday. While we were waiting for the car to be ready (we had a couple of hours to kill) we headed to Las Margaritas for queso and a drink...oh yeah, and to do our cancer sim lab. We got that done, enjoyed a tasty beverage and then headed to d'lites for a bit of ice cream...YUM! Needless to say, we had a yummy day.

I did a load of laundry today, which is my last load needed to get done before I can start packing tomorrow. I cleaned two dresses to take home in case we head out to a nice place. I know we have a trip to the beach on the schedule for Friday, pedicure scheduled on Thursday, a vet appointment for Rummy on Wednesday, a doctor appointment for myself on Tuesday, a dentist appointment for myself on Monday...seems like all my days are full. It should be nice though, all those are things that I think will be fun. My mom's birthday is on Saturday, which is the day I'm going to leave. I've already gotten my Mom one present, and will probably try to get her something else fun. I'm thinking about getting a couple of pictures framed of the family from this past summer with Uncle Leo and Aunt Mimi. I think she'll appreciate that.

Oh yeah, I am going to help photograph for the program called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. There is a photographer in town named Wendy who is one of the volunteers with the program and I am going to do some of her cases with her. I am very excited about getting involved with this, if you have a chance to check out the site please do.

Other than that, I am making a huge attempt to get back into photographing regularly. I desperately miss doing it, I have joined the meetup group in town. I also ran into Ray (my photo teacher from school) yesterday and he asked me if I would be willing to be a mentor for the photo club at Santa Fe and head out on the field trips, of course I said yes. I can't wait. The other day, a friend from school made mention that I do so many extracurricular activities besides school and they didn't understand how I can do that. I just reminded them that school is only 20 months of my life, I will need to have a life to reintegrate into after graduation.

I'll definitely be taking pictures over spring break and posting them up. Keep your fingers crossed for me in the OR on Friday, I'll post a bit about that this weekend.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So I failed at the posting 3 times a week, but at first you don't succeed try, try again. And that is what I will do. This last week or so has been something out of a horror story. Last week, I had lecture Monday, lecture and check off Tuesday and then a test Wednesday. Well I passed my check off on IV meds, but then got a 78 on the test. I was so upset about that; however, I have heard now that the class average was a 66...I guess I'll consider myself lucky and take the 78. I think it is assinine that the class average is so low and there is no curve or no questions thrown away. When the average is that low, it is a reflection on the teacher...of course that is just my opinion.

On Thursday I had clinicals, which consisted of yet another NPR, so I left the hospital about 1900 and worked on my NPR until 2300--then was back at the hospital at 0645 on Friday. I haven't worked anymore on my NPR since last Thursday night and will obviously have to complete that this evening. Stupid school. I have 2 days of lecture, 1 NPR, 1 sim lab, 1 lab (wound care), an AA meeting followed with an AA paper, MOW followed with a MOW paper and then my OR rotation, and you guessed it, followed with an OR paper-yes, it looks like a week from hell, and it pretty much is, but then on Friday right after the OR I am dropping Super off with Gail and heading to Orlando for the night. Then on Saturday morning bright and early I am finishing my drive to Fort Lauderdale where Roman and I will stay a whole week, well that is the plan. I will miss the kitties and Super, but I haven't gotten a break since before nursing school started because of everything with Wilson. I fully intend on collecting a bunch of novels and just laying around, possibly on the beach, with my Roman and my books.

I have another stupid test on Wednesday when I get back from break and a paper due that Tuesday I get back, but will get to that eventually. I will probably write the paper the begining of the week and then start studying for the test the later half of the week, but it just sucks. It sucks that I have to study and do school work on my Spring break, but there is nothing I can do about this. I only have 1 year 2 months and 3 days until graduation...please make it go by as fast as possible.

I'm going to get off the computer, let the kids out back to potty and then take a nap because it is Sunday and I can. God bless the weekend.

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