Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My absence

I took a week off of blogging, well I actually took a week off of my life to study. I locked my life down. No computer, no TV, nothing enjoyable. Roman still got to go to the dog park, which I enjoyed as well. Other than that, it was me and my bible, a.k.a. my review book.

Aside from studying over the last week I threw out my back (which is still sore) and got sick, I think it was solely the stress. We were allowed to change the date of our boards up until 24 hours before hand, needless to say, at 0300 on Tuesday morning (I had until 0800 to change it) I lost my shit. I was freaking out. Luckily I had a friend who graduated a year before me working at the hospital and she signed onto Gtalk...she talked me off the ledge. I didn't change my appointment and with that being said I took boards this morning at 0800.

I got to the testing center about 15 minutes early, and found two of my fellow classmates taking boards today too. They got me all set up, scanned my finger, scanned both my left and right hand veins which tied to a picture they took of me in the system and then a procter man went over all the rules with me. He handed my a whiteboard and marker sat me in cubicle 2 and I was off. I had 6 hours to take the exam which included the time it took for me to go through the initial tutorial. The test was hard as crap, I felt like I didn't know anything on it. It used to be just a multiple choice exam but now they have questions that have five answers and you are supposed to pick all that apply. I had SO many of those questions. It was awful. The least number of questions you can get is 75 and the most is 265, it is contoured to each individual tester, i.e. if you get an OB question wrong you are then prompted with another OB question. Anyways, it was the hardest test of my life, I almost cried on like question number 7 because I felt like I just knew nothing that was on the test. Well 45 minutes after sitting down I got question number 75 and the test shut down. I either bombed the shit out of it or I aced it. I can't handle waiting to find out. I'll find out tomorrow if I passed or failed. I wish I could just be sedated for the next day.

That's all I've got for you all, I'll be back (Lord willing) with good news tomorrow. I'm so scared. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holy Crap

...I'm next.

Keri my love is now a Mrs. I cannot believe it. It seems like yesterday she called me to tell me Alex proposed! Freaking crazy. Now that she has been married off that makes me next. I cannot believe it. I'm excited, Phillip is excited.

Keri's wedding was beautiful, she made a beautiful bride. The day was crazy but incredible, she has the most amazing time. I drank a bit too much, but so did everyone else. A few shots of rocket fuel (a.k.a. Vodka) never killed anyone. :) I just got back home and was so excited to see The Nood--he was equally as excited. Now it is back to studying full time, boo! I thought I would post up a few pictures from last night. I of course only have the reception pictures on my camera since I was in the wedding (it would have been weird if I had my camera out during the mass).

Here they are cutting the cake before Alex, smashed it in her face.

These next two pictures are from them dancing YMCA. Here is Keri and her new hubby hamming it up.

Her is the gorgeous bride with her brother (this is a great picture of her dress).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(It's her wedding weekend! This is my bestie and I at her Bridal shower two months ago. She becomes a Mrs on Saturday!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Park

Today I headed to the library after I woke up to study, boo! I went over neuro stuff for 3 hours, neuro is so, eh, icky. That is definitely my professional opinion. I have to do a couple more hours today to hit my 5 hour a day quota--I'll be hitting the books after I publish this post. I think studying is going well, I still can't sleep at night, but hopefully that'll start to change.

After the library today I headed to Publix just to pick up a couple of things, well I ran into two nursing school friends and my quick Publix trip ended up taking an hour and a half. I ran into my friend Jess who got a job in the ER here so we were talking about all that stuff, then as soon as we said see you later, I turned the corner and ran into my friend Travis and his preggo wife Christy. It was nice catching up with both of them and they both, both of them, passed on the news of a brand new dog park that opened around the corner from my house. I was so stoked!

Needless to say, I ran home and picked up the Nood and off we went. It was super hot but he loved it. There were a couple of other dogs there and he ran and ran. He played fetch with a normal size tennis ball and it was so much fun. Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of the Nood from the park today.

Clearly it was a bit bright today.

This was after running after the ball for 20 minutes.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I <3 being able to say I'm a nurse; however, I need to pass boards to be more than just a graduate nurse.

I don't have a lot of time because I should not be on the computer--I should be studying. I got my ATT (authorization to test) which allowed me to set my test date for boards, d-day is May 26 at 0800. Just breath. I see the date and it makes me cringe. I have been a really good student throughout nursing school, there is no real reason I should have a ton of fears about failing boards; however, I am scared shitless. I am trying to study around 5 hours a day, I started my boards study schedule officially today. I also studied an extra 2 and a half hours yesterday. I have a 700 page NCLEX review book to make it through in 2 weeks. Holy crap.

Anyways, let's talk about positive things. I mentioned before that I graduated, woo-hoo for me! Here are a few of pictures from my pinning:

Here is me with my wonderful parents:

Here are the two Vesey nurses. I <3 my Mama:

Me and my Daddy:

This is me and my bestest school friend Meghan, she is due to have a little baby girl in July:

This is the present from my Mom, it was her necklace and she has passed the torch on to me so to speak:

Anyways, I am now off to McCalisters for a little dinner and to study and if I still have energy I will head next door to books a million to continue. Yuck, but it is a means to an end. Happy Monday you all.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oreo Truffles

So I made oreo truffles...I got the recipe off Bakerella's website. My friend Meghan is having a baby (due July 6) and I am throwing her baby shower on June 5. Well we were having a hard time deciding on the food to serve because we don't want it to cost a fortune (since this will be her third baby shower) and I came up with a genius idea. Dessert themed! I love sweets and so does preggo Meghan. Anyways, I decided to do a trial run of one of the treats I plan on serving and here at the directions for it.

Gather all the ingredients you need (which is such a small number), a box of oreos, white baking chocolate, and 8oz of cream cheese.

Don't forget the chihuahua for clean up crew!

1. Put oreos into a food processor reserving 7 (processed) oreos to sprinkle on for decoration purposes.

This is what the oreos should look like once processed:

2. Combined softened cream cheese and oreo crumbs. I started using a spoon and found it MUCH more time efficient to just get in there and combine them with my hands.

3. Roll oreo mixture into little 1" balls, I was able to get 40 out of the box.

4. Melt chocolate according to directions.

5. Cover the oreo balls with chocolate. I did this by dropping the oreo ball into the melted chocolate and then spooning chocolate on it instead of trying to roll the ball around in the chocolate.

6. Remove the chocolate covered truffle and place on a wax paper sheet.

7. Sprinkle the reserved oreos onto the truffles for decorations.

Then enjoy!!