Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Holiday Card

I like the idea of having a holiday card each year together. Since this is our first married year together I felt it was something I needed to do. Unfortunately with the wedding and then getting back and working 5 out of 6 days it made it a bit impossible to get a card really done this year. With that being said, I still wanted something to cherish!

Here it is:

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their loved ones.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Couple of Teasers

My photographer was kind enough to send me a couple of teasers to satisfy my appetite before the holidays. Here are three pics!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm a MRS.!

My wedding day was this past Saturday and it was incredible. I could not have asked for anything better.

Friday morning I took my matron of honor (bf), my maid of honor (sister), my mom and my sister's best friend to the nail salon and I treated everyone to a manicure and pedicure. The place was a bit weird but they did a great job on our nails and that was all that matters. After nails we ran to grab Publix subs and headed back to my parent's hotel suite to scarf our food and then head downstairs for the rehearsal. The rehearsal went great! We were goofy and played around, just like always. Friday night we took all of our guests who were in town on a sunset cruise and then had a casual BBQ. Everyone had a great time. The chef Friday night is the same we used on Saturday night and he was great both nights. After the BBQ my hubby (love saying that!) drove my matron of honor, my moh and myself to a different hotel and we picked up a pizza on the way. DH stayed with us at the hotel for an hour and a half or so just shooting the shit and hanging out. I gave the girl's their gifts and they loved them (there are pics in my bio of all their gifts)!

Here are a few pics from Friday:

At the rehearsal:

On the sunset catamaran:

At the BBQ:

We all slept pretty well that night and we woke up around 8 AM on wedding day. We all decided to shower and shave and then head down to breakfast. We went to the hotel restaurant and had a very expensive but wonderful $60 breakfast--whatever, I was at the point where it was just money and it was all worth it. I was so calm and relaxed, it was phenomenal.

We got back in time for the hairstylist to get there at 11 AM and get started. She started on my hair, which I thought was great because of course we ran behind and she wasn't rushing on my hair. My photographer arrived at 2 PM and my hair and makeup was done, so was my sister's but my matron of honor was still getting dolled up. I still wasn't stressed; it was actually amazing how calm I really was. We finally got ready got dressed and started pictures. My Dad cried when he saw me, which didn't surprise me. My Chihuahua was all dolled up in his new harness and boutonniere. Pictures we great, I kind of trekked through some stuff that I probably shouldn't have but it's all good.

We got into the limo and headed to the ceremony site. In the limo it was my mom, my dad, my sister, my best friend, my Chihuahua and I. Once we got to the ceremony site they pulled my parents out of the limo and got them lined up, got my girls out of the limo with my Chihuahua (he needed to be enticed to leave me with a little Danish). Then it was just me sitting in the limo--holy crap, my heart started beating so quickly. I just sat and waited (me and the limo driver, lol).

I watched my parents disappear around the corner and then my girls and then my Dad came back around the corner and it was finally my turn. I got out, got arm in arm with him and away we went. I turned the corner and saw my DH at the end of the aisle with tears streaming down his face, I nearly melted. Everyone was crying, my DH, my Dad, my Mom, my MIL, and my two SILs. It was ridiculous and also didn't help keep me together very well.

We did the hand ceremony, which was so meaningful, and then the efficient did the marriage reading then it was time for our vows. I made it through mine with only a few tears, but DH was crying as I was reading them, and then it was his turn. He cried during the whole thing, he said in his vows he knew that I was the woman he wanted to marry when he saw how much I cared for his family, especially his father when he was sick. More tears...from everyone. The vows were over; we exchanged rings, and were pronounced Mr. and Mrs.!

The party was freaking fantastic. The food was phenomenal. The liquor kept pouring all night long. Everyone was so very drunk, but it was an awesome party--I wouldn't change anything. I was so drunk that we ended up spending the night in my parents' suites, but the hubby and I spent the night together. I still wouldn't have changed a thing.

I am desperate to get the professional pictures back but here are some non-professionals for the time being. Thanks for listening to my recap girls.