Monday, October 31, 2011

Put a Lid on Costa Rica!

Thanks to Sherry and John over at Young House Love, we decided to make a Costa Rica Jar just like their vacation jars that they explain in their Put A Lid On It blog post! We collected little knick knacks throughout our trip to include in our little memento jars.

We started by buying a dozen jars at Publix this afternoon, $10 for all 12--steal!

Here are all our goodies--first we started with a standard post card, we saw both a toucan and a family of these monkeys on one of our hikes.

Next we had our exit slips, you have to pay $26 per person to exit the country, we thought it was kind of funny.

Here are our two tickets that we got when we paid our entrance fee to Carara National Park. This hike was amazing, we paid a tour guide to show us the plants and animals and it was totally worth it. We were able to see a whole family of monkeys and one even had a baby on her back, we also saw a bunch of red macaws, a toucan, a sleepy sloth and loads of plants. The coolest part of this hike was that there was a huge storm while we were hiking and since the primary rain forest is so dense we could hear the thunder and rain all around but didn't get wet at all--so cool!

There Diet Coke is Coke Light--weird!

Our receipt from the toll booth.

Here is our Costa Rican money. The hubby also brought some home for his money book that his Dad started for him.


And up in it's new home. We will eventually change some shelving around in our home but this is where it'll hang out for now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Living the Life!

We are just loving life over in our house these days. My hubby and I just have a fantastic life, we both have jobs we love, we enjoy spending time together and we've got rocking fur babies. The newest addition is adorable, we've had her for 4 weeks at this point and couldn't be happier.

Roman is still adjusting, he gets grumpy off and on but that's just Nood for the time being. I truly feel that he is adjusting, slowly...very slowly but it is happening. They play together occasionally.

We headed out and about today, we started at the dog park a little before 8, then headed to get the puppy her vaccinations, then headed to the vet's office for some trifexis and then finally finished up at PetSmart to get both dog's nails trimmed. It was very busy, we finished up with all this by 11ish, so we were BUSY.

Here are some pics from the dog park this morning:

This is proof that they do interact together.

My absolute favorite all time pic of Riley thus far is a pic from today--I literally stuck my camera out the window to get it, definitely worth it!

Monday, October 10, 2011


How cute is this? I found the tutorial on Pinterest of course and quickly through one together with the lyrics from the song we did our first dance as husband and wife. When it isn't three in the morning I'll do one a bit more creative but I do like this. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Luck of the Irish!

Irish as in Erin Condren, truth be told, I don't even know if she is Irish but I am and I just got a brand new planner so lucky me! I ordered the planner on Sept 17 and (not so) patiently awaited the arrival of my new bff on October 1. My friend over at Little Woman, Little Home displayed her beautiful planner last month and I just had to have one! There were so many different planners to choose from, I ended up picking a design that I liked and customized it in my wedding colors, and I love seeing these colors in my life again. :)

Here are some pictures from my unwrapping my beautiful new pressie.

Oh I will "enjoy!"

I blurred my last name out for a little privacy sake.

I used the coupon code Welcome10 and got $10 off this beauty.

Needless to say, I'm in love with it and couldn't be happier that I went from electronic (on my iPhone) back to old school paper. I just feel like I am better able to keep track of my life and I love it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall is here!

I am so so excited that fall is here. Right now it is mid 50s in Florida and I'm loving it. Tomorrow my plans are to clean house and maybe swing by Michael's or Joanns and pick out a few little fall decor items. I love looking at all the fall decoration options and planning, with that in mind, I've been hanging on Pinterest (not so surprised eh?).

Here are some of my favs for Fall decor:

Don't you love it? Ack, I'm so excited. I don't think I'd be nearly as excited about Fall if we lived up north and I had to worry about snow coming but lucky for us--that's not the case. :D

That's all I've got for you.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.