Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011

I am excited that this is a new year. I rang in the new year sound asleep since I worked on 31 and then again on the 1, but my wonderful hubby woke me up at midnight with a kiss to wish me happy new year. Oh I just love him!

There is no question that 2010 was the best year of my life. I graduated nursing school, got a job as an oncology nurse and married my best friend. I don't know how 2011 will top it, but I am pretty confident it will.

I am trying to keep my "resolutions" realistic because too many people fail at them because they are just too strict. My two resolutions are to walk the dogs at least once every day--I had said I was going to do that before but then we had a cold snap and I stopped. I realize now that isn't fair to the dogs because it is the one thing they love to do, so come heat or cold we will be walking. The other "resolution" is to spend 15 minutes each evening picking up around the house. I am trying to stay more organized and when it gets too cluttered the task becomes to daunting. Hopefully by doing a little every evening then it shouldn't be too much work when we are doing big cleans.

That is all I've really got for you all. I am going to get a bit done around the house, possibly take a nap and then just wait for the hubs to get home from work. :)

Enjoy the first Monday of the new year.

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sprinkles said...

Oh yes, a little cleaning each day. Smart idea! Because I haven't been working, I had the time to get the place cleaned up but I'm sure with going back to school in a few weeks, I'll fall behind.