Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Posts on Truth--Post 4

Let's get to know one another. Here is the reference for this project, it also lists all the future posts!

Post 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

I forgive my middle school boyfriend for spreading a nasty rumor about us to well everyone! Needless to say this got spread around the school and I was teased pretty relentlessly for months during my 8th grade year. Then it was the worst fucking thing that ever happened to me, now well it still sucks and remembering it still hurts but whatever. He was young and stupid and well a little mean but I can't hold that against him forever. I'll spear you the details of the rumor because that would just be opening the wound again and I'd like to avoid that. But with that all being said--Adam I forgive you for being mean and making some of 8th grade absolute hell for me. :)

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allison said...

It's so hard to forgive, but it's great to get past all the hard feelings. My heart goes out to any middle schooler dealing with something like that.

LWLH said...

I don't know Adam but he is now on my shit list for hurting my 8th grade Meg :)

Becca said...

Kids can be so mean! I am not looking forward to my girls going to school as I am terrified of the influence other kids will have on them and the way they will treat them. Sorry Adam was such a meanie to you... poor thing!

Unknown said...

it still amazes me how mean kids can really be. I'm sorry you had to go thru that!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Ugh, you are so right! Those middle school years can be deadly. Forgiving is good, and it is crazy what sticks with us for years, isn't it?!