Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Love!

I just got back from shopping for Christmas pressies! I did not do a good job planning for Christmas shopping this year, I usually got with lists and am so organized, this year...I just wandered aimlessly. I did get some shopping done.

I bought something for Phillip, for my Mommy, for my little sis and for Phillip's oldest sis. That's it. I really need to make a game plan and try again. I still have to buy for Phillip's Mom, his other sister, my Dad and I need a bit more for Phillip--oh and I need to do some stocking stuffing for him.

On another note, I still have not done any Christmas decorating, man I suck this year. I need to finish straightening up around the house and then get the Christmas stuff out of the attic. Hopefully we can get all the Christmas stuff up this weekend, I think that's a lovely goal (mind you it's been my goal for the last 2 weeks but you know, try and try again).

Lastly, once we get the Christmas decorations up, we need to do a Christmas picture of the hubby, myself and the two pups. I want to send a Christmas card out next week after my next OB appt where I get an ultrasound, wouldn't that be cute?!?!


sprinkles said...

When I had a decent job and made a little money, I used to buy one Christmas gift a month from June on. It worked out well because I could spend a little more $ for a nicer gift and then I wasn't broke when Christmas rolled around.

I'm selling my textbooks back next week so I'll use that money to buy some gifts.

Shannon said...

I've been so unmotivated to xmas shop this year. I finally ordered my first present today, I figure I have a good excuse this year if some gifts come late :)

Unknown said...

good you're almost done!

And how are those weekly pictures/posts coming along?!

Cole said...

That would make such a cute picture!! You'll get it all done...and if the decorating needs to take a backseat, so be it! You have a lot going on this year. :-)

LWLH said...

I'm still shopping too girl, I probably will be till the last minute.