Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The news

I went to school yesterday and submitted my nursing school application. It is is out of my hands. I have done everything in my power to get into nursing school and now we just cross out fingers and pray I get in.

Here is a tenative schedule of our next few weekends:
May 10- We head to Tallynasty for Beth and Andrew's party.
May 16- Keri and Alex come to visit.
May 24- We head to Atlanta for my bday trip.
May 31- Fort Lauderdale for Keri's graduation party.
June 7- We move Phillip into his apartment.
June 13- Brooke's wedding.
June 14- Back in Fort Lauderdale for Arielle's Bat Mitzvah.

Then...I might actually be able to spend a weekend in my bed. Oh...and, I start my new job on May 19. I will be working Monday and Tuesday for 4 weeks with a new family. It will be a little bit of extra money for things, such as Roman's bile acid test, my hair cut, things of that nature.

Ah!! There is just so much going on in the next few weeks. I need to figure out what I am planning on wearing to all of these glorious affairs. I will post pics.

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