Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wild Goose Chase

Roman Noodle is at the vet, they are running a Bile-Acid Test. He has been having these weird episodes where he loses control of his muscles, he gets disoriented, suffers from ataxia, it is terrible. He had one of these on Tuesday evening, it was long and lasted 25 minutes or so.

This originally started happening back in September. He has had, maybe 6 since then. This last one was probably the scariest. I ran blood work as well as a thyroid test, and everything...I repeat everything, came back normal. I was hoping we would get an answer from the blood work, we didn't. Now we are onto step two, which is the Bile-Acid Test, it checks his liver function. If this doesn't turn out, we still have a halter test, which checks hearth function, as well as a CT or something of the short to check out his brain to see if it is seizure activity.

This is all getting so expensive, the blood work and thyroid test cost a me $200, this Bile-Acid test is $150...and I am just praying that we find out what it is today. For the sake of my wallet, and getting him on some sort of medication for his "condition."

Anyways, I am sorry this was so long, and it was basically just a rant, but I needed to get it off my chest. Everyone please keep Noody in your prayers.

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