Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seriously, sick again?

Yesterday I started getting all stuffed up. Then during the afternoon the sneezing started, then last night it all kicked in!

Today I'm home...sick. I just got over strep throat. How can I possibly be sick again. I barely get sick and now I have been sick twice in 3 weeks. I think this is a bit ridiculous. I have been taking Tylenol day and night cold stuff and still I haven't felt better. I took a decent 2 hour nap this afternoon but it didn't help enough.

We also have an NSA bakesale tomorrow morning and I made chocolate cherry cookie cakes. They seem tasty enough. I tasted one and it is yummy. Hopefully we will make some money for National Convention. I still haven't decided whether I am going to go yet. It is far, but I think it would probably be fun; however, I don't want to be gone for 4 days. Eh! Who knows.

I am getting hungry and need to head to the kitchen and find God only knows what for dinner. The hunt is on.

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