Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clinical Day 5.

I have stayed home the last two day from school because I felt terrible. I then started to feel a bit guilty about missing two days of lecture, but I woke up this morning feeling SO much better; therefore, missing class...definitely worth it. I really enjoy clinicals, I feel like without question I learn the most while I am there, and today I get to take on 2 patients again like I was doing last semester. I'm excited about that.

We had been told last week that Phillip's dad (Wilson) would be having surgery on March 11. Based on this surgery and treatment plan for following the surgery he would have a 30-40% of being alive in 5 years. We were as expected so very excited. Phillip and I had talked about how with those statistics Wilson would most likely be here to see us get married, he might even be able to see us have our first baby. We were so excited. Well last night we found out that he is no longer a candidate for the surgery. The physician from Texas called and said that another biopsy's results came back showing that he does have biphasic mesothelioma. There are two different types of pleural mesothelioma, there is epitheliod and then there is sarcomatoid, then you have biphasic which basically means both. In finding that it is biphasic, it determined that he is no longer a candidate for the surgery because the cancer is too agressive. Needless to say, this news just killed us. It was like Phillip said, a swift kick to the gut. Now we are basically going through the same grieving stages as we already did once before, we've basically had the rug pulled out from under us.

I need to head out and get ready to get ready to go to clinicals. Scrubs are drying and I need to jump into the bath, then I have to head to the mall to get Z some new gator pjs and I guess I need to go get another freaking pen light. How the heck have I lost another one? I guess I really am just that good. :)

More later.

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