Monday, September 21, 2009

It's late!

I know it is late, my schedule is all sorts of screwed up! This stupid clinical schedule is screwing it up, whatever, I'm attempting to embrace it. Anyways, tomorrow will be my first day back running. The race is 153 days away so I figure it is time to get going.

Tomorrow...well actually today, I will be getting up in 6 hours and heading out for a run. Clearly it wont be a long run since my butt has been lazy, but I have to start somewhere. So out I'll go, woo-hoo...damn it! I have to have a positive attitude, let's try again. Tomorrow, I get to run, I am blessed enough to be healthy enough to get out and run--so running we will go.

I also have a pretty crappy day tomorrow because I have to get up, run, then shower, then 3 hours of lecture on...trachs and mechanical ventilation, then I have to study! (then I'll nap for a few hours), then play volleyball from 6:30-9, then study some more. That sounds like I am try to cram too much in, well unfortunetly if my day doesn't go as planned and I don't get enough studying in, I will skip volleyball...again (I was sick last Monday). I don't want to, so my goal is to be super focused so I can get everything accomplished, mind over matter, right?!?!

Ok, well now I only have 5 and a half hours until I get to get up and run, so night night!


Elle said...

girl you are busy! I have the day off today and I'm gonna EMBRACE IT. Have fun w/ that lecture! Good luck w/ the running! said...

hang in there. I hope you are not too tired after being up so late.

Your clinical experience sounds so diverse. Nursing school has come a long way!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your run girlie! I had a community health test today and decided to skip out afterwards since my next class wasn't until 1 and I didn't wanna sit up there for 3 hours. The afternoon class is just research and we don't have tests, just quizzes that we can take until we make a 100%. Pretty pointless. I'm going to get a few things done for clinical so I can go play softball tonight if the rain stays away & be dead tired at clinical tomorrow with the old folks!

LWLH said...

Good luck with the run girl! :)

Becca said...

I am getting behind on blogs and I HATE it!! I hope your run was wonderful and that you get yourself some time to rest between your busy schedule!

I left you an award on my blog!!!