Monday, September 7, 2009


I know, I am terrible! I haven't posted in a week...I am such a slacker. Unfortunately, being back in school has put a real damper on my blogging time--this is my extra curricular activity that got the boot!

Last week was insanely hectic, I had class, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, a clinical expectation class on Tuesday, then clinicals Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday I woke up, cleaned my house and went to PetSmart to help with adoptions. I have been studying intermittently whenever I have time, I studied a fair amount yesterday and on Saturday I studied a bit while I was babysitting when everyone was at the game. Go Gators!

I know this is terrible to say, but this is all I really have time for because I've got some studying to do for my Tuesday test...that's tomorrow; crap. Ok, well I thought I would leave you with these few pictures while I am waiting to get the CD of the rest of them.


LWLH said...

Good luck with the studying! :)
Love the pics esp. the sunset ones!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it's taken your life back over! I am definitely glad you finally posted though because I'm a bad student that reads everyones blogs everyday still; I just don't post. Anyway, I know how you feel-It's Labor Day & I am about to write an APA Research Article Critique fun! I don't have another test untiol Sept 21 so I feel like I should make this time useful and knock out some assignments so I'm not crying in Nov when everything is due & I have no time to do it! I LOVE the engagement pics-#1 & 4 are my 2 faves! Cannot wait to see the rest! Hey 24 days or less for me!

Annie said...

missing you blogging girly!!
i hope that school is going well hun!

they are so cute! :)
excited to see more! ;)

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures, you both look so happy and in love!! Good luck with studying, I'm having a hard time getting back into the studying thing especially with a two year old, haha :) said...

Love, love, love the pix.

You two are so cute!

your awesome. I agree, that sunset is spectacular!!!

Elle said...

The pictures are GORGEOUS! I love them! the first and the last are my faves. Blogging has taken the back burner for me too. I have a lot of stuff, not to mention WORK. I pulled a 30 hour weekend these past 4 days.