Monday, December 28, 2009


I love Grey's Anatomy and I love it even more when Lifetime has a Grey's marathon--how fabulous! I can watch the same episodes over and over again and I still love them. The episode that is on now is so sad and breaks my heart every time I see it, the episode on now is the one where Izzy plans Meredith and Derek's wedding and then they have Alex and Izzy get married at the end. It makes me cry, it breaks my heart--I <3 it!

The flowers that I am thinking about carrying are phalaenopsis, a.k.a. an orchid. I am thinking about carrying all white orchids with just a few pink ones scattered in. Here is a picture of them, not the bouquet I want, just the flowers:
I think I will have Keri and Caity carry a bouquet of pink and orange orchids. Love beach beach wedding it!

Phillip and I have already registered at one store, we've registered at Crate and Barrel but then we are planning on registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond also this week. We want to make sure that there are enough items in all different price ranges. I don't want to just have one registry with all these expensive items and make people feel obligated to buy expensive stuff--you know?!?

Tomorrow Lifetime is playing Father of the Bride, I own the movie, but it is so much fun!! I think I am going to have to put Father of the Bride on my winter break watch list. T-minus 7 days of break left, better get watching. :)


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Hello! Long time, no see! I am having fun going back and reading your wedding progress!

Elle said...

oooh! I need to record that b/c I love that movie, especially Martin Short's character

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers!

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I think orchids are a fabulous choice. They are so pretty. I love them. Just a word of advice from someone who does flowers for weddings, be sure to get a good florist who has worked with orchids before! Orchids require a lot of water and can wilt quickly if not done properly with enough water to last! They will look fantastic in your bouquet!

I too love Grey's and Father of the Bride. I watch it nearly every time it comes on TV!

Jenna said...

LOVE those flowers! So pretty!

Becca said...

OH! I think those flowers are going to be so pretty. I hope you are enjoying your break!