Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who loves Craigslist?

This girl loves Craigslist! Remember when I mentioned a few posts ago that I needed more scrubs? (Well trust me, I did.) Anyways, scrubs cost roughly between $40-$50 per set (top and bottom) and since I have a job to start (in 4 days) but have yet to start it, finances are a bit tight. I decided that I could take a quick peak on Craigslist and see if anyone has any up there for sale, well low and behold, I found a bunch. I found one woman who worked in a doctor's office but then had her baby and decided not to go back, well she had a bunch of scrubs for sale and I bought them...the whole collection of them. She had roughly 20 tops and 20 bottoms for sale...she sold them for $50, the entire group of them. I was so excited about this deal, even if I just wear them for 6 months while I save up to buy some new ones it would still be well worth it.

Here are some picture of the entire group of them:

And here are just some of my favorite tops:

Most of the tops are a size small and I wear a size extra small, but if the smalls have ties then they are fine. So, some of the tops may be a bit big on me, but for the time being, oh well.

Anyways, I went to Atlanta this weekend and visited Keri and we had a wonderful time. I said I was going to take a lot of pictures, well I didn't. She had just moved into her new apartment earlier that week so she had a million things to do around the house. Basically we unpacked and watched Sex and the City in marathon mode--pretty successful visit if you ask me. :)

These are the only two pictures I got up in Atlanta. Keri and Alex had gotten a new mattress and we moved the old one out of the way before the guys from Macy's delivered the new one, well Apollo thought it was a perfect bed. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday night. I am hopefully going to update again sooner, but I just didn't have anything to write about. :)


Anonymous said...

What a bargain!!!

sprinkles said...

I love those pictures of the the kitty sitting on the edge of the mattress!

Yes, quite the bargain indeed!

You asked about the fawn being with the horse in my Wordless Wednesday. Well, according to the email I got, the fawn hung out with the horse for a little while and then the mom came and got her right after. So I guess it was a one time thing.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great deal! I remember doing the same thing when we started teaching. YOu had to have the clothes, but not having a paycheck to BUY them with made it rough! I am glad you found a good deal, and those are some cute stuff to get you by.

~M~ said...


~M~ said...


LWLH said...

What a steal!! :)

Becca said...

That is a GREAT deal girl! I LOVE me some e-bay. I have found some cute dresses for the girls at a decent price on there but I MUST hit up craigslist soon!!

I hope your new job goes WONDERFUL!

sprinkles said...

I gave you some bloggy loves, be sure to stop by my blog and pick up your awards!

allison said...

What a deal! I wish I could wear scrubs to work! How comfy.