Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Sickness?

It is a weird feeling to be home sick at almost 25 at home with your husband in the next room, but I think I am. I am more people sick, I miss my parents, I miss my sister and I miss my best friend. This is a bizarre feeling for me--I started going to sleep away camp in middle schools and have spent huge amounts of time away from any family without a problem.

I think this is work making me people sick. Lately (well all the time usually), all of my patients are either dying, being sent to hospice or are getting a diagnosis that I know they won't live through and it is actually bumming me out. Most people would think duh, who wouldn't it bum out, but in the 8 months since I've been an oncology nurse I've never really been bummed like this. It is just a weird emotion.

I adore my job, I adore my patients, but it is just starting to get me worried--what if my mom is re-diagnosed and this time without a good prognosis, what if, what if, what if. I want to go on more, but with the fear of a HIPPA violation sitting on my shoulder, I will close out this post. Hug all your family a little tighter tonight.


LWLH said...

Sending hugs all around! :)

Cole said...

You can absolutely get home/people sick!

Big hugs!! :-)

Ms. Emmy N said...

What your feeling sounds like it would only be natural with your job. Just try to focus on all the people and families that you are without a doubt helping through this terrible time in their lives. {{HUGS}}

AndreaLeigh said...

It's hard to work in the healthcare industry and not bring it home with you. I work with the special needs population, and the entire time I was pregnant I was terrified of Downs, birth defects, etc.

I'm sorry you are homesick!