Friday, April 8, 2011

Fab Friday!

Today is absolutely a fab Friday so I am hooking up over at Between the Lines with little Ms. Laura--join in!

{Something big is going on in my world--I can't post much on it now because who knows reads my blog, but I promise to share in the next week or two (to settle rumors now, no I am not preggo).}

{Mascara, I figured since Laura posted about her love for her mascara, I could post about mine--it is perfect since she too is in love with an Avon mascara. I use SuperMagnify mascara and I love it. I tried a new mascara from Estee Lauder that was $18 and I hated it! I just stocked up because Avon was having a sale and it was $3 each--woot-woot!}

{I too, like Laura produced a new blog layout--I like it, I don't love it yet. We'll see.}

{My bestie, I love visiting her! I <3 her!}

{Victoria's Secret, oh how I love thee. My bestie and I stopped in yesterday at the Lenox mall and I helped myself to two new bras. The hubby washed my other t-shirt bras and when I wear them it makes me look like I have lumps everywhere--boo! Pink's line of t-shirt bras were on sale, two for $20, thank you!}

{My 365 project, I am going to update that now actually. I am not getting on myself about not posting to it each day, as long as I take the pictures, I will post them up eventually (now) with back dates. I am posting everything for the project over at Tumblr, go check it out!}

{All my furbabies because I just adore them, I miss them since we are away on vacay. I've got the littlest Nood with me because well little man always comes with us. Here is a pic of my sweet boy on the ride up here and then here is a pic with me and my big girl Super from my birthday when we dropped her off with the sweet lady Gail who always watches her for me when we go away}

{Lastly, my F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S hubby. He is sleeping soundly next to me as I type this. You can't beat being on vacay and it being nearly 10 am. He and I are both living right. :)}


Anonymous said...

I love everything about this post! Thanks for linking up, Meg! I need some new VS in my's been too long!

sprinkles said...

This is a great list!

I love Avon mascara too! And you know, I'd been using a lot of their products that I've had for awhile. So I got my income tax and I bought all new makeup and you know what? Not only was it more expensive (well, some but not all necessarily) but I found I really preferred Avon so much more. I'll use up what I bought since it's still new and then when I run out, it's Avon for sure!

I was at the mall the other day and didn't even know Pink had bras on sale! I really need to have someone measure me though. I find bras soooooooooo uncomfortable and I think it's probably because I have no idea what size I should be wearing. $10 is a great deal!

Ok, so no pregnancy. Hmmmm, I'm thinking you got a new job then or are moving???!!!

Enjoy your vacation!

LWLH said...

Your furbabies are adorable! : )

Unknown said...

Aren't BFF's the greatest?

Shannon said...

Your dogs are so cute! My cat actually really likes to ride in the car too. haha.

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