Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vroom vroom!!

We are getting back into shape, come hell or high water!

We are running this bad ass half marathon in 4 and a half months:

I am registered as is the Hubby and my Mom is registering also. Today the Hubby and I headed out to the new running store in Gainesville called Fit to Run about spend $291 getting some new running gear for ourselves. We both bought new sneakers and a pair of Thorlos (these are without question the most amazing running socks out there).

Phillip has a terribly hard time finding good fitting sneakers because his feet are too wide so we kind of had the man find some that fit him best. Phillip ended up with a pair of New Balance (which we knew he would) 1260s. They cost us a little bit of money at $145 but it'll be worth it if training goes well!

I on the other hand got a much wider choice of shoes. I decided that since I ran in Mizuno's for my last half marathon that it would be good idea to stick with what works. I got this bad ass pair. The color is really wacky but for some reason I L*O*V*E* them! Mine were a little cheaper than Phillip's at $100.

That's my little update for today. ;)


sprinkles said...

I have problems finding shoes because I have baby feets -sizes 5's!!!!

Good luck with getting fit and running the marathon. I'm proud of you!

Unknown said...

MEG!!! THATS AWESOME!!!! *can you feel my excitment?*

I was just thinking of you today, wondering if you were running. And you are.

And a half marathon! so excited for you and Phil!
keep us updated on the progress!

ps. so proud of you!