Sunday, September 4, 2011

We're back!

Costa Rica was amazing!! We are back and although we had the most wonderful time we are so happy to be back home. I have a billion pictures (well maybe not quite) but a whole lot and I'll separate them so your computer doesn't stage a coup and shut done on you. ;) We did some amazing things on vacay, we hiked in the rain forest (literally), zip lined way high above Earth and went canoying down waterfalls (true story). Here are some shots from our Zip lining adventure--enjoy!

We booked a zip lining adventure in the Quepos area of Costa Rica, it was about an hour drive from our hotel in Los Suenos. We were so excited to do this, well I was, the hubby embodied the fake it until you make attitude and ended up loving it too. I booked the trip from the US about a week before we left, it was one of the adventures we knew we needed to do and we are so thankful we did it. The company we used was Canopy Safari and we would use them again if we went back, no questions asked there.

Ok, so without further ado--enjoy some pics of our amazing zip lining adventure!

Here we are all decked out in our sexy sexy equipment!

This is our first zip line, wasn't too far and it was a great start!

Here is the scariest part of the trip, we did what was called a Tarzan swing, where we literally swung between two platforms a billion feet up from the rain forests floor. (So side tip, tricky me, knew that this was on our adventure and I conveniently forgot to tell the hubby because I knew he'd say no go on this adventure--we're both happy now I didn't tell him!)

Here is our holy f*** what are we doing look.

Then we rappelled down two different platforms--so awesome!

Can I tell you just how much I love this picture of my husband--he just looks so handsome!

Another few ziplines--so much fun!

Anyways, that was our zip lining adventure and it was beyond what we expected! We loved it!


sprinkles said...

Sounds like you had an excellent vacay! Ziplining looks like a lot of fun.

LWLH said...

That is awesome!
I would have been scared shitless doing that : )

Unknown said...

just thinking today when you guys got back. Ziplining looks so fun! I love the pictures where you look scared out of your mind!

allison said...

Costa Rica! How fun! Life is all about making memories. :)

Becca said...

AGH! Jealous! What an awesome vacay! I did a zip lining thing one time at a Young Life camp but it was nothing like the one you experienced! So much fun! Glad you guys had such a great time!