Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall is here!

I am so so excited that fall is here. Right now it is mid 50s in Florida and I'm loving it. Tomorrow my plans are to clean house and maybe swing by Michael's or Joanns and pick out a few little fall decor items. I love looking at all the fall decoration options and planning, with that in mind, I've been hanging on Pinterest (not so surprised eh?).

Here are some of my favs for Fall decor:

Don't you love it? Ack, I'm so excited. I don't think I'd be nearly as excited about Fall if we lived up north and I had to worry about snow coming but lucky for us--that's not the case. :D

That's all I've got for you.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.


sprinkles said...

I never thought it'd be warmer here than in FL!

Unknown said...

I thought it would be warmer too. Its 13 here (55)! So close!

LWLH said...

That's the one thing I loved about living in FL....enjoying the fall with none of the gross repercussions of winter.