Sunday, October 16, 2011

Living the Life!

We are just loving life over in our house these days. My hubby and I just have a fantastic life, we both have jobs we love, we enjoy spending time together and we've got rocking fur babies. The newest addition is adorable, we've had her for 4 weeks at this point and couldn't be happier.

Roman is still adjusting, he gets grumpy off and on but that's just Nood for the time being. I truly feel that he is adjusting, slowly...very slowly but it is happening. They play together occasionally.

We headed out and about today, we started at the dog park a little before 8, then headed to get the puppy her vaccinations, then headed to the vet's office for some trifexis and then finally finished up at PetSmart to get both dog's nails trimmed. It was very busy, we finished up with all this by 11ish, so we were BUSY.

Here are some pics from the dog park this morning:

This is proof that they do interact together.

My absolute favorite all time pic of Riley thus far is a pic from today--I literally stuck my camera out the window to get it, definitely worth it!


LWLH said...

Love that last picture...what a cool shot : )

Cole said...

What a great picture of Riley! Too cute! Roman will come around and really bond with her before you know it. :-)

Unknown said...

that last picture is just awesome!

Cait said...

omg great pictures girl- the best one is my favorite! If you're interested I'm giving a Starbucks Gift card on my blog! Check it out :) xo

Becca said...

I'm glad you are so happy with the stage of life you two are in right now. Since we had Autumn before we got married and basically right after high school, we never really got to enjoy time with us two just on our own. SO I pretty much have to live it through you! LOL!

LOVE the pictures of your fur babies! Especially the one of Riley out the window!