Monday, November 14, 2011

5 weeks, Nov 4!

5 Weeks (November 4, 2011)
Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 5 Weeks

Size of baby: According to the baby is about the size of a sesame seed. This is what has to say about Baby Jelly Bean's journey:

How your baby's growing:
Deep in your uterus your embryo is growing at a furious pace. At this point, he's about the size of a sesame seed, and he looks more like a tiny tadpole than a human. He's now made up of three layers — the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm — which will later form all of his organs and tissues.
The neural tube — from which your baby's brain, spinal cord, nerves, and backbone will sprout — is starting to develop in the top layer, called the ectoderm. This layer will also give rise to his skin, hair, nails, mammary and sweat glands, and tooth enamel.
His heart and circulatory system begin to form in the middle layer, or mesoderm. (This week, in fact, his tiny heart begins to divide into chambers and beat and pump blood.) The mesoderm will also form your baby's muscles, cartilage, bone, and subcutaneous (under skin) tissue.
The third layer, or endoderm, will house his lungs, intestines, and rudimentary urinary system, as well as his thyroid, liver, and pancreas. In the meantime, the primitive placenta and umbilical cord, which deliver nourishment and oxygen to your baby, are already on the job.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Nope, same weight as I was at my GYN appt back in August.

Maternity Clothes: Nope, just my normal clothing but they are definitely snug. We have plans to get some maternity jeans for me next week.

Gender: No idea! Hubby had a dream this week that the baby was a boy, wouldn't that be great?!?!

Movement: Nope, not yet, but I'm excited for that to happen.

What I miss: Nada.

Sleep: Much better!

Symptoms: I pee all the time, and my nipples are tender--that's about it.

Cravings: Nothing really, I am eating a bit more then usual though!

Best Moment this week: Hubby telling me he had a dream about the baby.

What I am looking forward to: telling my parents next week--I think they'll freak!

Here are the pictures of little Jelly Bean and her/his incubator for the next 9 months (I feel like I look like I'm getting bigger yet there is no real reason for that to be happening yet!):

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