Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hump Day

So today is a work day...Jackson had a rough start to the morning but then took a great nap. Which means, I took a great nap. I picked up Cooper early from school and then picked up Robbie. Coop is napping now, Jackson is hanging with me, and Robbie is in the playroom reading. Hopefully after I feed the littlest man at 3ish he will go back to sleep.

I have made all my hormone note cards, and once he goes back to sleep I will let the big ones out back to play and I will study them. I have a study group tonight and that should be good because both Sara and Margie have A's in the class. I brought Nood with me to work so that way when I get home I can just feed the kids, and then unfortunately for Super she will be locked up again, but Nood will then only be locked up for a little while. Tomorrow morning I get to sleep in, which will be nice for the kids. I don't have to be at lecture until 11 and then I should be home no later then 2 because I need to pick up more of Nood's food.

On another note, there was a job listing on Craig's list for some barn help and a free lease on a horse for it. I emailed them and hopefully that will pan out. I think it would be nice to be outside some over the summer. We will see if they are willing to work around my current hours...we'll see.

That's all for now. :)

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