Friday, April 18, 2008


This is my love. Mr. Roman Noodle, makes me so happy. I have been having a pretty crappy week, Roman had one of his "episodes" yesterday and now has an appointment at Earth Vets tomorrow, but no matter what I am upset for, I curl up with Roman at night and he makes things better. I just hope everyone is lucky enough to have a safety, like this.

School is tough, but almost done. Work is monotonous, but hopefully there is only 3 more months of it, then hopefully I will be in school for nursing. God Willing.

I applied for a part time nanny job. Someone is hiring for a nanny needed for Monday and Tuesday from 9:30am-4:00pm and only from May 19-June 10. That is only 4 weeks which is only 8 days of work. I think it would be worth it for me to do it if she offers me the position. Any extra money is greatly appreciated.

Anyways, Phillip is coming up to GVille tonight until tomorrow night. I didn't expect him to be up at all because his parents are here and they needed his help, but they don't need him this weekend so he is coming up. However, our weekend is cut short because he has to work on Sunday. No big deal though, because it is better than nothing and I have studying to do anyways.

Yesterday I was at the dog park and ran into Megan Demerich. We knew each other from home, from Middle and High school. We were never really friends more like acquaintances, but it was great seeing her. We exchanged numbers and are going to try to hang out. She wants to try the rock gym so it would be great if I had a rock gym buddy. We'll see.

I guess that is really it for now, I have a new book with me, a couple of magazines, Chem homework and A&P to study today, so I should be busy. Not to mention, Cooper stayed home with me today and we are working on potty training. Fingers crossed, he is in big boy underwear and we have the timer set for every 30 minutes to sit on the potty. If anyone has any words of encouragement or advice about things that have worked for them, I would be greatly appreciative of it.

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