Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So...Tuesday is here, another day of classes have come and gone. I had a microbiology exam today, it went alright. I am ready for the semester to end and I can feel myself quickly fading. After my exam, I went to Jodi's office to go over some of the hormones that are on the up coming exam. We finished going over my hormone chart and then ran through the repro study guide. She kindly stayed late for me and we got the whole thing done. I feel great about the information. I have a study group with Margaret and Sara tomorrow night at 8pm because Margaret is taking it early because she needs to focus on her Calc exam next week.

Here is my line up for upcoming exams:

4/19- Chemistry: Exam #4
4/22- Anatomy: Repro and Endocrine
4/24- Anatomy: Lab practical
Micro: Exam #4
4/26- Chemistry: Exam #5 and Lab Final
4/28- Chemistry: Class Final
Sociology: Exam #4
5/1- Anatomy: Final
Micro: Final

Major yucko; however, that means there is 16 days left and then a summer of freedom. Woo-hoo!

Keep me in your thoughts.

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