Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you kidding me?!?!

Are you kidding me?!?!

I've have had a terrible day. First, I BOMBED my stupid freaking test. I got a 74! Then I say whatever, the questions were terrible, considering I got 7 questions wrong from the same teacher. You think just maybe Trudy's questions suck?! Anyways, I moved passed this. I got my wallet and bought doughnuts. Doughnuts make everything better, right, apparently not.

I was emailing back and forth with Shelley and she tells me that stupid Brooke is taking my big boys out on Friday night and will bring them back at 8:00pm, once again, on three, 1...2...3...are you kidding me? I haven't seen my boys in maybe 5 weeks and the stupid (not nice word) is taking them. Seriously?!? She has them between 45-55 hours a week, all I wanted was 3 hours on Friday night. Now mind you, babysitting on Friday wasn't easy for me. I have clinicals all day, then was going to go home and rest, then head to babysit, then when Bill gets home at 9:30, I was going to head home grab myself and my dogs and drive the 2 hours to Orlando. I was doing it all for my boys, I just miss them.

Well after hearing all that, I decided the most productive way to deal with this aggression was to run. I headed out and hit the pavement in the rain. I just rain, and kept running until it started raining heavy. I got back, called Phillip and he told me that it isn't too bad, it's not all her fault, etc. Well I was pissed, whatever. I then came up with a compromise. I will leave the hospital at 1:00pm and head straight to the boys. I am making Brooke leave and she can come back at 5:30pm to pick them up to take them wherever. With that plan, I didn't get any rest and made my day 4 and a 1/2 hours longer, but I'd get to see them.

Good, I solved my problems. I then was in a good mood and got online to shop for Phillip's boss' baby (she's due on May 26). Oh, it just kept getting better. Phillip and I got into an argument. On Sunday I asked him to name one thing that he likes doing or one thing that makes him happy, he gave me a big fat GOOSEEGG. So today, I revisited the subject and got in big trouble. He told me that he didn't realize he had homework to do (seriously with the answer he gave me on Sunday, did he not think this was going to come back up?) He was pissed. Whatever. We got off the phone.

I then putzed on the computer and about a quarter to eleven decided to get up and let the dogs out their last time...well I found pee on my bed from a cat. Obviously it was kiwi, no other cat does that. I can't figure out if she did it because I pushed her away from me when she was trying to lay with me or is it because maybe she has a UTI. Roman has one, I put him on Clavamox yesterday, don't know what it is, but maybe she has it--so I didn't over react, I just stripped the bed and brought it to he washer. It happens, let's move on.

I got back to my room put on clean linens and got ready to watch ANTM. Went to get my phone and couldn't find it. As soon as I realized I couldn't find it, I got a pit in my stomach and realized it was in the washer. I sprinted to the machine and it was completely filled with liquids, I tried to pull out one of the blanket but it was too heavy-I switched the washer to spin, let it spin and pulled out the comforter, guess what?!? Out came my cell. Sh*t!!!! This is when I freaked out. I pulled it a part, but there was no saving it. I used the blow dryer, but no good. I then found my battery for the home phone, pulled it in, and stuck it in the charger. When it had some charge I called Phillip to ask him to sign online. He said that he was laying in bed, and wasn't on his computer. Seriously? I need support right now. If I was standing on the ledge, him laying in bed would have pushed me off.

I said whatever and hung on. He called me back and said he was signing on. We got to talking and we fought. He was made that I was pissy on the phone and said that all I was doing was bitching, I really wasn't bitching, I was just upset. I was just upset, that's all. Well after I was going on and on about how terrible my day is (see all the above paragraphs if you are just tuning in) and I didn't know what I had done to deserve this I got crap. First I said that I can't believe I have to pay $50 to replace it, he told me that at least it wasn't hundreds of dollars. I am a student with no job, $50 is a lot of money. There goes my crappy babysitting money on Friday. Whatever. I was also telling him that I can't believe all this happened in one day, that if any of them happened individually that would be a crappy day, but all in one?!? He then proceeds to tell me that he found out that his dad had cancer and it was terminal all in one day, I corrected him, letting him know that it was a Friday and a Sunday. I specifically told him that I was not belittling how terrible those days were, just correcting him. He told me fine, he was just trying to give me some perspective. I told him that I understand that everyone has bad days and yes someones would always be worse than mine, but a little support wouldn't hurt. He then threw in to end the conversation fine whatever...a little perspective on your day wouldn't have hurt you, yes it was a bad day but it could have been much worse. Ouch!

I just wanted support--that's all, just a little support.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yikes. That does sound like a horrible day. I am sorry it went like that for you. Can I ask who your boys are? I might have to go back and read to find out!
You are so right, when you are a student, $50 is a big deal. Especially with textbooks and everything else.