Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am writing this post while watching American Idol from tonight that I have DVRed (is that even a verb? It is now, lol). Today I had class, way for finishing up our liver lectures, I am about sick of yellow people and ascites. I went straight from class to get my hair cut, oh how I love Ciao Bella Salon. All I did today was get it trimmed up, I am trying so hard to keep it long. I every now and again get the urge to cut it short, but I resist. Just being able to tie it up when I'm running or in the hospital makes my life much easier.

When I got home this afternoon I took a bitty nap and then headed to Shelley and Bill's to hang out with Max since they are in Disney for the week. I did most of my case study while hanging out with her and then putzed for a bit. I came home, had Moses dump an entirely full bowl of water all over the kitchen...thank you sir Moses. I also uploaded all my pictures from this weekend and I will post them below. I guess that is all that I have going on. I might skip my urinary lecture tomorrow and get an outline together for my test this coming Monday...we'll see. Anyways, here are some pictures.

The first set is my Jackson boy when I was watching him last Friday night. He is such a sweetheart! I love him!

Then, without further ado...here are some pictures from my fabulous birthday zip-lining!


Meg said...

A quick side note, a couple people were asking who "my boys" are...they are my boys. :)

In August of 06 when I split up with the guy I had been with for 5 years, I decided I needed a good job so I could take care of myself. Well I found a post on Craig's list for a nanny job, and since babysitting had always been my thing I figured great. Well I applied for three nanny jobs, interviewed for all of them, got offered all of them and then had to decide which one to take. Well Shelley and Bill were both physicians at Shands and I obviously wanted to be a nurse, we had similar personalities, similar parenting styles, I choose them...we were a match made in heaven. At the time, Robbie was 4 and a half and Cooper was 15 months, now, 2 and a half years later, Robbie is 7, Coop will be 4 in June and my Jackson boy is 18 months. Obviously since I am in school full time, I no longer nanny, but after being in someone's house with their children for 60 hours a week for about 2 years you kind of grow attached. They are my boys, I don't think I could find anything or anyone else who make me smile or make me as blissfully happy as they do.

That's "my boys" story. :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I would grow attached being with someone 60 hours a week too! I grow attached to my students every year.
ZIpline? Brave lady. I am such a wimp at that stuff. But, I am also a firm believer in celebrating your birthday Hard and Long. Have a great one!!

brian said...

Wow! What fun!!! I have always wanted to do that!

Oh, sorry to hear you DVD'd idol, I have not watched mine yet, but I hear they cut us off!!!

Happy Belated B-Day ")

brian said...

oops, this is actually Julie, I have been commenting using Brian's sign on. Yikes!

Becca said...

Jackson is absolutely adorable! He is just so stinkin cute!

I went zip-lining once. I was absolutely terrified. It looks like yall had a lot of fun!