Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ouch, 12 days.

I know I haven't posted anything in 12 days...this month has been so busy it's unreal. I last posted the day before my final clinical day. Final clinical day went well, I had 4 patients, got my semester review which was beautiful!

Then went on to enjoy my weekend. I spent that weekend in Orlando. Spent some time with Phillip's family which was nice and studied. We went to Sea World that Saturday which was awesome then had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called Hot Olives, we are taking our parents there to meet one another for the first time on June 13. Dinner was fabulous and we spent Saturday night playing Wii with a bit of alcohol and Sunday laying around and studying.

I went home on Sunday night and studied my rear off Monday after class...I also went to visit my fabulous boys. I loved spending time with them, and with Shelley and Bill. It was great. I miss seeing them all the time. I need to get over there sometime this week...maybe Wednesday of next week after my final, I will then be watching them for a week from May 4-10.

Tuesday I skipped class (I know, end of the semester, my bad!) solely to study. I went in for the test at 12:30 and ROCKED it!!!! I got a 90, which is my highest grade of the semester (I got a 90 on test 3 but it was nice to get it again). I then went home and packed for nationals, I actually went to see the boys on Tuesday, not Monday, but whatever, it's all the same.

We were up at about 0345 to leave at 0415 for the airport. It was so early. We landed in Nashville at about 0800 their time and went to the hotel/convention center. We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland hotel. It was beautiful. We were there from Wednesday until Saturday, nationals was awesome. I believe there were 3000 nursing students there, it was cool. Some of the breakout sessions were lame, some of the breakout sessions were amazing. It was worth it; however, when Saturday rolled around I was very ready to go home.

Phillip and I went to dinner with his parents on Saturday night, we went to yummy Las Margaritas...yum! Then went home, he has had a really bad sinus infection, we were both asleep before 2300. Then Sunday morning I got up and went to get the Super and putzed with Gail a bit then went back home to see Phillip. We decided to go to the mall for lunch and then we went and looked at engagement rings! It was quite fabulous, we looked at them for a bit over an hour. Sparkly sparkly!! Since then we've been talking a ton about weddings and getting married. He is trying to save money for a ring but has given me the go ahead to start planning. We are looking at June 26, 2010. Nice even number. Yay for weddings...yay for a hubby. I love him so much and cannot wait to be his wife!

That's about everything. I don't have much time to be all up on blogger until after test 8 and my final next week. I'll be back though...promise.


Becca said...

I was wondering what happened to you! I am glad everything is going well though! Don't stay gone for too long again.

wife.mom.nurse said...

Your life has been a whirlwind. Good to hear your latest!