Sunday, August 30, 2009


I should totally be studying now...I'm not, clearly! I had a fantastic weekend. On Friday I went to the botanical gardens--I had a great time. I was there by myself, just wandering and taking pictures. There was a wedding that was scheduled to take place there at 4:30--it was hot as hell. Just one more reason not to get married during football season. I mean I was in shorts and a tank top and I felt like I was melting. I would have been so upset if I was supposed to get married and felt like my face was going to melt off. Anyways, here are some pictures from there.

Then Friday night Phillip and I went to get his hair cut and we were both hungry so we headed to Qdoba--after we ate we wandered around the outlet mall for a while. I found two tank tops, aqua and red. Then we went to a crapload of stores trying to find Phillip a new pair of jeans. He is incredibly hard to find jeans for because he has is so tall but then he has big thighs. Generally if we find jeans that fit his legs they are usually too big on his waist and if it fits his waist it usually is super tight on this thighs. Anyways, we found a pair, we found them at Ralph Lauren--mind you the outlet store price was $60 but we were more than happy to pay it at that point. Then when we were leaving we were walking past Nine West and I asked if we could go in, he reluctantly agreed--then, being the love that he is, he bought me an awesome pair of 3 and a half inch heels...the man knows how to please his woman. :) Thanks honey.

Saturday we had to get up early to head to his sister's house, we had to be there by 9:45 to get some pictures taken as a family. It was really nice, his Dad was in a fantastic mood because he got a full nights sleep uninterrupted which is really rare for him. For pictures it was Phillip's parents, his sister Jessica, her husband Doug, Jessica's son Zach, Phillip, me, his sister Alisha and her loser, opps I mean boyfriend Mike. Anyways, we took pictures of all of us together, then as individual couples, and then I had Phillip ask to have a picture of just him, his parents and his sisters. I wanted to make sure that their last set of family pictures didn't have this loser in them. Phillip's mom was thankful for that. :) We hung out at Jessica's for a while before heading at 2:45, once we got home, I had to iron some shirts and we loaded up, us and the dogs and headed to Bradenton Beach for our engagement pictures. It was an awesome experience. Our photographer was amazing, if her pictures turn out half as good as her personality then we will be incredibly lucky. Anyways, of course I will post them when I get them. That was our weekend--Phillip had to work today...Boo. I came home early and got here at 11, was supposed to study, I didn't. Whoops.

Anyways, we will end with an awesome picture of my baby boy. :)


Katie said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend and got some great purchases :) You'll have to post some pics of your new shoes. Those pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to see those pictures missy! And no we haven't studied arrhythmias yet we do that in adult health which I'll have in the Spring! And we don't do a Hospice rotation I just have 1 day in Older Adult & 1 Day in Community Health that I'm scheduled to go there for the day as an alternate experience! PTL because I don't like old people nursing & that's the vast majority of hospice plus I want to help with life not death!

Becca said...

I can't wait to see your engagemnet pictures!!! I bet they are soo purdy!

I am glad you had a great weekend. Shopping is always the best especially when the Mr. buys you a great pair of heels!

The pictures are all very beautiful. What a gorgeous place to get married. Apparently the bride didn't put to much thought into the weather though!

Hope you have a great week!

Annie said...

ha! i love that pic of noodle! so cute!!

the pics from the garden are wonderful, the first one is my favorite!

glad you had a good weekend!

can't wait to see the engagement pictures!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Fun weekend! I love shopping (duh) Your pics are so darn beautiful! Now, show me those shoes! said...

Awesome pix :)

I hate shopping! Especially when it's work. Yuk.

Especially love the pix of your baby at the bottom