Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sucky Blogger

I know I am officially labeled a sucky blogger. I promise when I find some normal life again things will return to normal. In the mean time I will give you all a quick update. I am down south visiting my parents this week, just hanging out, doing wedding things and visiting my dermatologist.

Here is my latest for wedding fun:

We are going to be hanging votives at our wedding site. We are going to have someone (MOH, wedding coordinator) go and turn them all on (LED tea lights) during the cocktail hour, just as the sun is setting--they will already be hung up. Here is a picture of the place where they will all be hanging (from the mangrove branches):

(Sorry all the venue pics look so crappy, I need to take some next time I am down there.)

This is what I want to use:

(from: http://www.wholesaleflowersandsupplies.com/store/p/1261-Bell-Hanging-Votive-Holder.html)

With the LED tea lights:

(Which I'm hoping don't look as fake at night on and from a bit of a distance, does anyone have any experience with these?)

Lastly, here is the (fingers crossed) finished project:

Oh yeah, and one quick little side note: I PASSED boards! I am officially a RN! Woo-hoo!! Thank you all for your encouragement and well wishes during all that. :)


Anonymous said...

Cute idea. My sis has used them in her bedroom for decor before...I don't think they'll look fake bc they flicker like real fire does.

sprinkles said...

Congrats on passing your boards!

I've used those battery operated candles before with Relay for Life, putting them inside luminaria bags. They burn pretty bright and I think only one or two out of over 200 burned out before the night was over so they last pretty long!

Becca said...

YAY! Congrats! I am sure you are more than happy to be done with that stage of your life.

I think those votives are going to be so super cute.

wife.mom.nurse said...

So pretty!

Congratulations on passing boards!!!! How neat it has been to watch the end of your journey to fulfilling your dream of becoming an RN!

Take care :)