Monday, May 23, 2011

Goodwill what, what?!?!

Let me tell you, as a kid I never shopped at Goodwill, it was a place my mom never went so in turn we never went. I honestly think I would have stomped my feet and threw a temper tantrum if my mother ever even hinted that I should head to Goodwill for clothing--ugh, me?!? Not, I am way too much of a spoil brat to shop second hand.

Well holy guacamole, since the monies are coming out of my pocket nowadays (apparently, I became an adult at some point--totally not everything it was cracked up to be), I'm going to be a bit wiser about where I drop my dimes.

I went to Goodwill twice this week, once to one of my side of town and once on the other side of town. I figure I'd swing by them both and try to get a bit more for my summer wardrobe. I was looking mainly for dresses and skirts--as you are about to see I think I did pretty well for myself.


{Cute little brown flowy number from the Gap!}

{Little sweet kacki flowy number, this should wear nicely in the Florida heat.}


{I think this pair of shorts will be perfect for Costa Rica in 3 short months!}

{Love Ann Taylor and I think this is just a nice pair of shorts--I will most likely be wearing it without the cloth belt.}


{Just an easy little Cami, bright pink--I love it!}

{This is such a sweet fluttery top, I love it. It looks great on especially with the pink cami from above.}


{I think this dress is just a little country, which is ok since I live in the most country place I've ever lived--the only delemia I have is finding shoes to wear (any suggestions?}}

{I can never say no to another little Gator number, we wear orange and blue in this town regardless of where we are headed--these two colors are always appropriate together.}

{Costa Rica, woo-hoo!}

{Tommy Bahama, are you kidding me, at the Goodwill? Perfect condition, I can't wait to wear it.}

{Love this dress, of course it is Gator blue which never hurts. :)}

{Not sure where I'll wear this one, nothing too special, but I thought it would be cute on a little date night with the hubs.}

{Love this dress on, I feel like it makes me look a bit taller--maybe it's the diagonal stripes?!?}

{This is another sweet flowy dress. I can dress this up with my cute wedges from Atlanta or dress it down with flip flops--we'll see!}

Scrub Top:

{This one is for the kiddies since in 2 weeks I start in pediatrics! I think this is cute and happy.}

If you lasted through this whole post I'm proud of you! :) Thanks for sticking through it.


Eileen said...

For the dress you are looking for shoes - I think cute flats, or wedges or cowboy boots would work! I have been thinking of doing Goodwill for some clothes. I will have to check it out!

Faith said...

that's awesome! you got a lot of clothes!

i think brown/nude wedges would look perfect for that dress!

sprinkles said...

We never shopped at thrift stores when I was growing up either. BUT I did get my prom dress at one. I was so embarassed when people asked where I got it. It had been a wedding dress and my mom fixed it up so it didn't look like one.

Now that I have to pay for my own clothes, I've shopped Goodwill, Salvation Army and various other places for clothes. Sometimes you can find name brand items which I love. I've never been very fashionable but I figure if I'm wearing a namebrand, I must look ok! lol

Kirsty Girl said...

Very nice finds! I love the dark blue dress.

allison said...

I'm so impressed! Our Goodwill is nothing like yours! I think that dress would look precious with gold sandals and gold jewelry.

LWLH said...

Great finds! :)

Two People in Love said...

WOW! Great finds!

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

I am obsessed with goodwill finds! Mine has great designers also! So fun, right?

Thanks for stopping by FFL!


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