Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So What Wednesday!

I participating in So What Wednesday over at Life After I "Dew"...join in!

So what if I have nothing to blog about, so I am blogging a so what post.

So what if a couple of the girls called me into work today for a little lunch and cake and I made sure to dress a little bit. I'm not loving my body right now, so a getting a little dressed up and putting on some makeup helps me feel a bit better.

So what if I am laying in bed blogging and putzing on the computer instead of cleaning up my project that is still half done from yesterday. I cleaned out the hall closet and the laundry room so a bunch of junk is lining the hall way and I'm in no rush to clean it what!

So what if I picked up a couple of cute outfits at the local Goodwill today and I still have to clean out my closet. I promise I'll get it done, hopefully sooner rather than later.

So what if we have no food in the house, we'll eventually get some. I have to stock up for the hubby since I am going down south to see my parents in less than a week. I'm making him a double batch of chili, a batch of chicken enchiladas and a batch of lasagna. Hopefully that'll carry him.

So what if I feel like a bad wife lately. I haven't been cooking dinner or packing my hubby lunch, I haven't been cleaning much. I've been a pretty lame wife lately, so what. Hopefully I'll be better soon.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.


EZsx5 said...

I really like the dry shampoo :) It smells good and it gives me extra volume - it makes my hair feel different though - like there's powder on it - which there is haha! Not a reason I would stop using it thought :)

Thanks for reading! I liked your so what's too!!

PS - my son was born with 2 dilated loops and 9 bowel obstructions. He had an ostomy bag for 4 months before reconnection and TPN for 6 months - he's fine now...except for that rash ;) Poop is good!

Shelli said...

Yay for goodwill outfits! Your hubby will just think you're the BEST wife next time you cook! Ha! I love your blog design... Who do it?? :) thanks for stopping by my blog btw!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

I have been blogging when I should be cleaning too haha :)

Laura said...

My house doesn't have any food either! Oh well - sometimes blogging comes before the grocery story ;)

sprinkles said...

I went over an entire month before I finally sucked it up and went food shopping. Partly, I still had food in the pantry and partly, school work kept me from getting to the store.

I need to spring clean but I'm just not in the mood. Just can't seem to get myself to do much of anything now that I don't have to.

When you're making all that food for the hubs, can you make a little extra for me too? It all sounds really good!

Unknown said...

don't beat yourself up on being a bad wife. which you aren't! and for the record you look fab!

Cindy said...

Chili, chicken enchiladas and lasagna = good wife in my book!! (I've been married 18 years and I've never done all!!) ;)

Faith said...

hmmm, i made hubby get us chinese food today because i didn't want to make dinner BUT so what?!

there is always tomorrow to get all the things we want done, done. :)

LWLH said...

So What if I made Big Man make himself a chicken patty for dinner while I had a grilled cheese.

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