Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Love Pinterest 2!

I am obsessed with Pinterest. I spend a ton of time daily on this site, I also have the iphone app so I can pin on the go! Here are just some of the pins I've pulled off my DIY board!

How cute will these be at Christmas time? I might make some for the kiddos at the hospital! They'd love this!

My bestie Keri just started another school year on Monday, I might need to make one of these for her classroom. Such a cute idea!

I am going to wait to do this until I have maps from places my fabulous hubby and I have traveled together--in 3 weeks we can make the first map Costa Rica (so excited!).

What a sweet little thing to post up by my door so I can leave the hubs a love note on my way out the door. :)

I might dig around until I find one of my favorite romance novels (The Notebook, The Wedding, Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas) on sale second hand to make this!

I'm thinking about making some of the coasters for Christmas gifts, I'll use really pretty coordinating scrapbook paper. Easy, inexpensive and thoughtful!

I just love love love Pinterest!


Unknown said...

your friend started school already?! thats SO early. i love pinterest too :) its awesome. I want that "i love you because..." sign.

P! said...

I NEED that "I love you because..." board!! Such a great post! You found some really cute things. :)

LWLH said...

I love the heart maps!
I've seen those on another blog too and have aspirations of making one myself.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Junkers! Those are all awesome! I would totally love the crayon one...or all of them! THose are some talented people!

Becca said...

Feel free to make me some of those coasters for Christmas or my birthday or just because =)

I LOVE that teacher gift. I've seen one similar on pinterest but that one is so much more fun!