Saturday, January 2, 2010

101 in 1001

Everyone has been talking about these lists so I decided to make one too! Here goes nothing. Sorry in advanced if I repeat myself, a list of 101 things is a lot!

Start date: January 2, 2010
End date: September 28, 2012


1. Visit the Caribbean.
2. Visit the Grand Canyon.
3. Visit 3 states I haven’t been too.
4. Convince Phillip to go skiing (snow).


5. Start cooking more often so people stop making fun of how undomesticated I am…I can be domestic, I just choose not to.
6. Bake cupcakes or cakes for each friend whose birthday happens.
7. Start making and taking lunch with me to school or the hospital whenever I am there over the lunch hour.
8. Make sure Roman gets a raw marrowbone at least once a week.
9. Make a dish to bring to someone’s house whenever we are invited over for a meal.
10. Once the floors are done have friends over for dinner.
11. Make Super one homemade meal a month.


12. Beat last years total of money raised for Relay ($900).
13. Start speaking kindly to the people closet to me.
14. Work on lowering my electric bills each month ($270 was the high for the last 12 months, my home is only 1200sq. ft.).
15. Read my assignments the textbooks on the subjects BEFORE they are taught in lecture.
16. Send a card once a month just to make someone smile.
17. Start drinking water when at school or the hospital, bring a reusable water bottle with me daily.
18. Go to the grocery store at least once every 10 days.
19. Bring cloth grocery bags with me to Publix, Target, PetSmart, etc.
20. Floss daily.
21. Read a novel biweekly once I am out of school
22. Be more forgiving of stupid mistakes.
23. Judge less.

Family and Family.

24. Do something with my friends each month that doesn’t involved eating out.
25. Take the dogs for a walk at least once a day.
26. Try to make amends with my sister and accept her for who she is.
27. Figure out what to give my parents as a thank you for our wedding.
28. Go on dates once a week that does not involve eating out.
29. Get Phillip to run the 5k with me on Feb 6.
30. Rock Keri’s bridal shower and bachlorette party for her.
31. Do something special for both Caity and Keri for being my MOHs.
32. Do something to thank Phillip and my Dad for installing the floors in my house (fingers crossed, they should be going in two weeks from today!)
33. Make a list of all the birthdays, anniversaries and special card days for everyone in my life.


34. Consolidate my loans.
35. Once I am allowed to work overtime, donate $250 to Animal People a month.
36. Put away an overtime shift’s pay into savings every month.
37. Create an emergency fund…do not touch it!
38. Create a spending account for everything but bills.
40. Live within if not below our means.

Arts and Crafts

41. Work on purchasing handmade gifts for family and friends.
42. Make a scrapbook for Keri’s Bridal Shower.
43. Make a scrapbook for Keri’s Bachlorette Party.
44. Make a scrapbook for our engagement.
45. Take more pictures, make the goal, 50 pictures a month + post processing 25% of them.
46. Enter at least 3 photography contests in Gainesville.
47. Take pictures for friends and family just for fun.
48. Post process the pictures for friends and family and put the pictures on a disc or in a small photo pamphlet.
49. DIY at least 3 projects for our wedding.

Just because

50. Have a dip party.
51. Have a girls weekend with Keri and Caity once I get a job and after Keri returns from her honeymoon.
52. Enjoy Florida weather more, go outside, open up windows.
53. Join Oprah’s book club.
54. Listen to my iPod more.
55. Send flowers to my mom and Phillip’s mom twice a year.
56. Get more blog followers.
57. Take more pictures of Phillip and I, not always dressed up, can be just hanging out.
58. Order our 2009 Christmas ornament before we get our 2010 tree.
59. Listen when people talk/teach me.
60. Send out Christmas cards.
61. Get our wedding thank you cards sent out before the end of 2010.

The House:

62. Paint the inside of the house.
63. Get the carpet ripped out and get floors laid down.
64. Plant a flower garden in the backyard.
65. Work on keeping the house less cluttered.
66. Hang pictures up on the wall, both pictures of Phillip and I and my prints.
67. Keep the flowers out front trimmed more.


68. Start working out at least 3 times a week.
69. Start toning myself.
70. Lose 10lbs before the wedding.
71. Feel great in a bikini.
72. Train for races, 4 5ks and 1 half marathons.
73. Feel good about cooking.
74. Start an I’m thankful journal, write in it daily.


75. Blog at least 5 times a week, even when I am in school.
76. Comment on more people’s blogs daily.
77. Participate in at least 2 blog carnivals a week.
78. Write one post a week on a social issue.

Misc (anything that didn’t get placed in the right section…can’t mess up the numbering):

79. Go to at least one garage sale a month.
80. Make a new craft project once a month.
81. Take Meghan’s baby pictures, in the hospital, 3 days old, 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, etc.
82. Take both dogs to the beach twice over the summer.
83. Go to the beach at least once a month once it’s nice.
84. Go to a concert 3 times a year.
85. Get a new outfit once a season.
86. Purchase a new DSLR.
87. Go on a graduation trip.
88. Work with Meghan on little baby Whitaker’s nursery.
89. Go see at least two MLB games in stadiums we’ve never been too.
90. Cook more meat options for Phillip.
91. Set a weekly budget for food eaten outside the house.
92. Create a bucket list.
93. Find a faster way to do my hair.
94. Do not miss anymore then 1 lecture a month.
95. Volunteer for 1 weekend a season at Camp Boggy Creek.
96. Get a birthright trip set up.
97. Figure out a wedding favor that gives back.
98. Get Phillip to start golfing with me.
99. Get out to the driving range at least once a month until Phillip starts golfing with me.
100. Have a movie weekend, one with Phillip and one with Keri.
101. Complete this list.

I hope I can do these. It is a beautiful day here in sunny Florida and I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!


LWLH said...

Great list...I love these 101 lists! Good luck with your goals! :)

Jenilee said...

fun lists!! sounds like some memories to be made. :) happy new year!

The Laney Family said...

wonderful list! thanks for all of your sweet comments. I always look foward to hearing from you. I am adding a wedding pic right now! haha
i am actually on a monogramming hiatus for a while. lots of other stuff going on right now! ha

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Sweet list. I so need and have been wanting to try this. I better get on it! Your electric bill!? That is insane! I feel sorry for you! said...

having so much fun catching up on your blog. Wow, this is an incredible list... you go girl!