Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tired like woah!

This is just going to be a super quick update because I am beat. Between today and yesterday Phillip and I put a total of 20+ hours on home improvement projects! Crap we’re both beat and poor Phillip is stuck driving two hours back to Orlando. (Let’s keep him getting a job up here on the top of prayer lists!) I am going to hold back from posting picture so I can just do a big reveal next weekend when everything is ALL DONE!

Currently, my house is in disarray, my kitchen is completely painted with the exception to on top of all my cabinets—I am going to have a hard time finishing it, because I am a bit too short to tape up the crown molding. Worst case scenario I will paint as close as possible to the crown molding and then wait for Phillip to tape it up next weekend and then I will get even closer. We also had to paint the ceiling, that was the biggest pain in the butt! Who the hell paints the freaking ceiling to begin with?!? The lovely person who lived here before us painted all the walls as well as all the ceilings what Phillip calls “Obama Beige,” so they beige is out and we painted the ceiling white, my freaking neck was killing me from staring straight up at the ceiling all day. As far as the ceiling goes, I still have to trim up some areas around the crown molding, around the high hats, and also around the dining room light. I still have 2 different halves of walls to paint our main color and then we are painting one accent color—I still have that one to do.

Woo-hoo!! My parents are coming up to GVille next weekend to lay floors down in the living room and the hallway. Phillip and my Dad will be laying floors down and my mom and I will be doing odds and ends. I still have to make all of Keri’s bridal shower invitations, 50 of them…I definitely should have just ordered them, but I really wanted to put my heart into for her, because she’s my bestie!

Wish me luck this week, besides all the stuff around the house, I’m guess there is about 6 hours worth of work left to do, I have a dosage math test on Tuesday morning…a skill check off on Wednesday or Thursday, they haven’t posted it yet. Oh and I really need to get my house clean! I try to have it as clean as possible when my parents come so they know I appreciate my house and everything they have done to help provide for me.

Oh, quick question?!?!? I really want to get my parents something special for my graduation which is in 3 and a half months, you know, a thank you present for everything they do/have done to provide and support me. Any ideas?

I’ll try to get back on sometime soon—no promises though, because, clearly as stated above…this will be a crazy week!


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

sounds exciting! can't wait to see the finished look!!

~M~ said...

my husband + i are currently doing things around our house. i am excited to see what you are doing!

LWLH said...

Can't wait to see what it looks like! :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Ick. I painted our whole upstairs- about 3 coats each wall- this fall and HATED it. I had to do the ceiling in our dstairs bathroom, and even that little bit drove me nuts! Good luck
For your parents? I'll think on it!