Friday, January 29, 2010

Stupid Weekend

This is a stupid weekend--a really stupid weekend. Phillip and I don't get to spend the weekend together. This was supposed to be my weekend to drive to O-town but I have a ton of crap to do so I am staying put. I have to study for my psych exam which is on Monday, I have to finish putting Keri's bridal shower invitations together (there is still a ton to do with them) and I also have to do some studying for the NCLEX. I am trying to study on a weekend basis to get some of the information under my belt so when May comes around I am not knocked on my nursing butt.

I am a bit bummed that I don't get to see Phillip, it kind of sucks. When I put the computer away I am going to finish cutting out the inserts for Keri's invitations and then I will also try to finish making note cards on another chapter (stupid, stupid psych) that will be on my exam. Wish me luck.

I just wanted to enclose a picture of Super. Roman gets a raw marrow bone for dinner a couple of times a month. Unfortunately Super cannot eat them because she has a super (hehe) sensitive stomach and anything outside of her normal bland diet will give her diarrhea, which obviously is something we try to avoid in this house. Well when Roman finishes off the meat and marrow I let Super back in and she gets to gnaw on the bone--it is the highlight of her life! Here is a picture of her fabulous life.

(I am well aware that the rug doesn't match the new decor, however, when you have a dog who will be turning 10 this year it is more about practicality. She can't walk well on the new floors, so the rug helps her out. Eventually I will replace it with one that matches better.)

Well I hope you all have a superb weekend--I'll have a productive one (boo).


Anonymous said...

Boo to no lovey time! Good luck with your psych test...I somehow managed to make an A in that class.

About the books, my friend let me borrow her ECG's made easy book. Have you tried that one? I'm not sure if I'll be good at it or not...honestly I haven't started looking at it yet...oops! Need to soon though!

LWLH said...

Ugh that stink you wont get to see your hunny but I hope you have a great weekend regardless! :)

allison said...

I hope your exam went well. Your dog looks really sweet/

Becca said...

Awe! I am so sorry you were not able to spend time with Phillip this weekend. I am sure that was tough on you! I hope you got all of your studying done and do well on your exam. Super looks like such a sweet dog!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Cute puppy! Sorry that you and Phillip don't get to see eachother.
Hey, did i miss it or did you ever figure out what to get your parents for a graduation gift?

sonya said...

your dog is so ca-yute!