Monday, January 18, 2010


I am finally sitting down in bed--it feels amazing. Phillip, my parents and myself have busted our asses this weekend. Last weekend I painted the ceiling, the kitchen walls, a couple of the living room walls. While I was painting last weekend Phillip was ripping up the carpet and the baseboards. Then during the week, in between classes, studying, labs, a check off and a little bit of sleep I painted the rest of the living room.

On Saturday we got started, the boys started installing floors while my mom and I went to home depot and got was just a lot of stuff. We helped the boys lay some floor, then we realized that we had done it wrong and had to rip up a good amount of it and re-lay it. After we finished the living room we went to dinner (after showering of course, because we were nasty!) at Gator Dockside and watched the Gator basketball game and the Colt game, oh and enjoyed a few cold beers (they were super tasty). After we got home I feel asleep within 30 minutes.

Then came Sunday...we met at breakfast and came home and got started around 11. We were afraid we didn't have enough flooring so my mom and I drove about an hour and a half to Jacksonville to get another box of flooring (it was a great thing we did because we used ALL of that extra box). We got back and the boys hadn't gotten too much done because there were all there little funky corners--unfortunately there were a million of them down the hallway. Well the boys got cracking and the hallway looked awesome, they got to the last two pieces and couldn't finish it--the corners were just too odd and they were exhausted. We brought back pizza, enjoyed it and Phillip took off to Orlando--his asshole of a boss took away his Monday off to work.

Today my parents got here at 8, and we got cracking. We had a terribly hard morning, those last two pieces of flooring took my Dad over two hours to get all those little turns right. They had initially planned on leaving at 12, then we started the transitions, it was also terribly hard, then the time they would leave changed to 2, then we started trying to get the baseboards up and my parents finally left at 5:30 this evening! They rock, both of them have to work tomorrow and they still had a four and a half hour drive tonight to get home.

Oh...after I cleaned my floors I realized Kiwi was missing. I was scared to death. She must have gotten out while my Dad was going in and out. I looked for about an hour like a crazy woman and then finally found her. She was eight houses down sitting on a driveway squished up against their garage door. Thank GOD I found her. I was literally scared shit less. I was devastated when I was looking for her. I have never lost one of my kids--I always find everyone's lost, lol. Losing her for the hour I knew she was missing (I honestly couldn't have told you when she actually got out) reminded me why I always stop when I find a missing pet and try to reunite them with their owners, because I pray someone would try to find and reunite me with any of my babies if they ever disappeared.

Anyways, without further are some pictures!!



And little Ms. Kiwi:


~M~ said...

Love the B+A!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks like a totally dif room! Great job!

LWLH said...

Wow what a transformation!
Looks great!

Annie said...

i love the blues! it looks fabulous!!
all your hard work has paid off!!

Becca said...

AGH! It looks beautiful!