Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beach day

Well we didn't make it to the beach yesterday because it was pouring rain and I had an NSA meeting that evening. I woke up this morning and I said we're going. Mind you, it took forever to get out of the house; I couldn't find sunscreen, I couldn't get Roman Noodle to eat (seriously, he always eats, WTF), I was burning a couple of music CDs, etc.

We finally got on the road and headed to the beach. Needless to say, I kid you not, 15 minutes on the road and the downpour started! Are you kidding me?!? I said screw it and trucked on. It took longer to get to the beach since we drove through a tsunami, but we made it. As soon as I got into Saint Augustine we stopped...wait, I'll just show you at the end, it's a surprise for Shanna. :) Nood and I then went to the beach--I love the beach. I think I think clearer at the beach. We were able to spend a good amount of time there before the tsunami made it to the beach. Wait until you see the pictures, they are freaking nuts. We drove through the tsunami to downtown Saint Augustine. I figured that we would be able to breakthrough the storm and we did. Roman and I went to a doggie boutique and got some cookies for him and Super, we then went to an awesome art gallery, the lastly we just walked down Saint George Street and got a fantastic caramel apple from Kilwins! Yum!!

(I just almost published this post with out pictures, silly Meg!)

This was on the way to Saint Augustin Beach after I drove through the tsunami.

This was silly me doodling M+P in a <3 in the sand. Silly girl!

Nood says "cheese!"

Here are the pictures from the storm as it moved in on the beach:

Here is the picture for Shanna, Nood and I went to Sonic for lunch. We hit up happy hour. :)


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I was babysitting through Happy Hour today but I did hit up SONIC twice today! Ha...BTW I am super proud of you for thinking of me while you were there (check out my post for today!) Nood is so cute in his life jacket! So glad you made it through the tsunami safely today! BTW I put the proposal count down at the bottom of my post today, but I'm thinking about putting a ticker up on my blog just so I don;t have to count everyday haha!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how well it'll be kept up! Since I actually have readers now probably better than last school yr! I know I have lecture Mon 9-1530 clinical Tues & Wed something like 830-1600 & lecture Thurs 0900-1200. Sometime in there I'll be studying & doing clinical paperwork & did I mention SLEEPING! Hey I'm just thankful I don't have 12hour clinicals or clinicals that start at 0600 like usual because both sucked! We usually just have 1 12h clinical a week, but for some reason this semester they have us taking 2 classes with clinicals and 1 without. Usually they break our classes with clinicals into 2 dif 9 wks but this semester they have us doing both for an entire semester oh boy!

Elle said...

WOAH.Those storm clouds are crazy to say the least. I LOVE happy hour! I haven't been able to go to one these days b/c I'm usually at work but once fall starts I definitely will!

... now I want a cherry limeade. Dammit.

allison said...

Those storm clouds are extra scary!!!
Noods is adorable BTW. I love his poses. I bet he was so excited when you took him shopping for treats. My dog has not been so lucky lately.

Annie said...

those are some big scary clouds!!
i would also draw hearts in the sand ;)
mr. noodle is so darn cute! said...

so many things to say...

#1 I've missed you!

My unintentional blogging break is driving me crazy.

#2 That photographer is awesome.

Love her style.

on a side note:Did you see that heart in the sand with the rose

#3 That storm was should be a professional photographer

#4 Glad the party went well for pp's mom

#5 I'm sure I'm missing something I meant to comment on :)

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

wow that is an intense storm!

looks like a fun day though!

p.s. my word verification for this comment is "dambrat" haha