Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yay for health insurance!

I had a pretty eventful day. Roman and I actually got a full nights normal people hours. I haven't been on a normal clock, I've been falling asleep somewhere between 0200-0300 and waking up somewhere between 1100-1200. This is so unlike me, I am usually asleep by 2200 (10pm, trying to get back on the 24 hr clock for school) and wake up by 0800 maybe 0830 on a crazy late day. Last night we were asleep by 2330 and woke up around 0615. Flipping my schedule now is a great plan so when school starts in a week and a half it wont be like a swift kick to the gut.

Anyways, I then went to two different doctors visits. My first doctor was my dermatologist. I have really bad psoriasis, I have it all over my scalp (and had it for years before we figured out what it was), on my left knee there is a plaque and in both my ears. Well I am currently on the strongest topical drug available, so in a last ditch attempt before immunosuppressants we decided to keep me on one of the drugs I am on but alternate it daily with a different drug. We are trying to stop my from being immune to the drug. Basically, if this doesn't work with then I am having to go on to an immunosuppressant subq injection. I am not sure I really want to go on this, being on an immunosuppressant while in nursing school scares me a a lot! We are around so much nastiness day in and day out the last thing I need is some cold that lands my bum on the bench. We aren't allowed to miss clinical days, if we miss more then 2 we have to repeat the semester--no thanks! Anyways, fingers, toes and prayers crossed that this rotating medication schedule works.

After that doctor, I grabbed a quick bagel, there is nothing better than a Jewish bagel--unfortunately there aren't a lot of Jewish people in Gainesville. Now before anyone goes taking offense to this, there is non intended, I myself am half Jewish and I just know, for a fact that Jewish bagel places are better than non Jewish bagel places.

Then...I had a gyno appointment. Ick! I hate going, mind you, I love my ARNP that I see, I just hate going. I honestly think pap smears hurt, maybe I'm a baby but I do. The whole scraping of the lining of my uterus is not cool by me. We also had a little chit chat about suppressing my monthly cycle, this has been something I have done probably for the last 2 or 3 or 4 years. Every now and a then I will have someone say to me that isn't good for you--I say yes, they ask how can it possibly not hurt you and honestly I never really had a good answer, so we talked about why. :) When you are on birth control and take your placebo pills, you are tricking your body, there is no period actually happening, it is actually only estrogen withdrawal. So, birth control keeps your uterus thin, and a thin uterus is a healthy uterus, and I think bleeding monthly for nothing is silly, so suppress on!

I have more, but this post is already long so I will save the rest for tomorrow. :)


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

Sending you lots of good thoughts that new medical regime works well!

Elle said...

I love how you give medical info on here! I'm on Loestrin right now and I love it. I used to be on Yaz but I was having major breakthroughs and I was sick of it. Yes, I've gained weight but that's what happens! My gyno appt. is next month- I feel ya on hating it!

Annie said...

thoughts are with you girly! i hope the new plan works.

after having tons of abnormal paps and all the procedures that follow, i can say i don't like the gyno at all myself!!