Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am totally not going to lie, wedding planning has consumed my blogging time! I have been able to get onto my reader and read all your lovely entries; however, I have been terrible and haven't posted since Wednesday...terrible, I know.

Well Thursday, I got brand new make-up...I was so excited. I haven't bought new makeup in forever and wanted to go with a cruelty free company (no animal parts used, no animal testing) and decided on Avon after a crap load of research. I ended up buying, two lip glosses, two lip stains, two eye shadows, one eye liner...two make-up bags, two nail polishes and a brush set. I love it all! I stuck with really natural/neutral colors since I don't wear a lot of makeup and like it that way. I love them. :)

Friday Prince Phillip and I met for lunch and then I met his sister Jessica for a little surprise party planning! Sherry's (PP's mom) surprise 60th birthday party was a great success, she was blown away, we had flown in friends from her old home in both Wisconsin and Michigan that she hasn't seen in a while and it was super exciting for her. :) I was a little Martha Stewart, I make these great little tissue paper flower things for decorations, you'll see. Other than that, her party was on Saturday and we had a wonderful time, the food was great, the company was great and it was nice to just sit back and relax. We got a ton of congratulations on our engagement which is always super sweet to hear!

Then today, PP bought a new car! He bought a 2010 Mazda 3, it is beautiful, he is super excited. He was able to get a great deal on the monthly payments and put nothing down so that made it affordable. He was driving a 2000 Toyota Corolla with 180,000 miles and the driver side door didn't open from the was time. Tomorrow after work he picks it up--I am so happy for him, we've decided that apparently we are growing up.

I think I have found a photographer, her work is awesome and her fees are reasonable (two amazing pluses). Her name is Jennifer Angeloro and she has a blog, check her out! I am trying to arrange our engagement picture setting. She is based out of Fort Myers which is a pain in our ass since it is three hours away, it is also a little tough since I really want to have the dogs included in a few of the shots. I mean I guess we could drive down just for the evening (sunset) do pictures and drive back, it is kind of hard to find a hotel to stay at that allows 110lbs dogs--Roman usually isn't that problem, Super is.

I am still no closer to anything else besides the photographer, I guess that's a start right.

Here are some pictures from the party:


Elle said...

fun stuff!!!!! I'm in a party mood. I haven't blogged in a way long time because my computer's finally fixed LOL

Annie said...

well we've missed you ;)
hope the wedding planning has been fun so far!!
i love the pic with everyone in the tree, how fun! :)