Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today is...

Sunday, August 23, which means tomorrow first day back at school! There is so much to get ready, I have butterflies in my belly just thinking about it. Right now I am at the boys house because Shelley went to Orlando last night for a bridal shower and Bill had an ENT conference in WPB--I should be here until late morning she said yesterday; however, I am afraid she'll end of being late because of traffic. You have to understand, we live in a college town-tomorrow is the first day of school and Gainesville has 90,000 students returning to school, about 70,000 of them are college students, which in turn=a crap ton of traffic heading up the GVille the day before classes begin.

Anyways, I just served up a kick butt breakfast to Coop my morning bird of green eggs! Yum! Last night our bedtime story was Green Eggs and Ham. Cooper has been having a tough time lately, we aren't sure if he hasn't been sleeping well or something, but even though he has been a little Satan to everyone yesterday he was fantastic to me. Last night after I put him to bed, he had to come outside to let me know that tomorrow he is going to give me a present. He is my boy, so as much as everyone thinks he has been so terrible, which, don't get me wrong he's been rotten, he was wonderful for me--fingers crossed he stays fab today also.

I haven't really formulated a plan for the rest of today, the baby and Robbie are still asleep, so obviously, I'll have to feed the little buggers but then what? Who knows? Maybe...just maybe, if it is nice out I might take them to the botanical gardens. I would love to have some nice pictures of them, so maybe, just maybe, that's what we'll do. :)

As for when I get home today...I have so much to do, it's almost daunting, but a nap sounds wonderful. Last night Roman woke me up around 0220 because he had a seizure and he kept me up until sometime after 0300 and then the little baby was up talking until sometime like 0330. I don't ever go in to see him, if I do it just stirs him up and makes him want to get up more--so I left him and he finally after about an hour he went back to sleep. Anyways, I digressed, when I get home today I have so much to do, 2 loads of laundry to fold, a good amount of laundry to hang in the closet, straighten up my bathroom, dishes...ack! Can someone please come over and be my maid? I hate cleaning, and on top of all that I also have cat boxes to do today, yuck!

Well once I am done being domestic, I then have to get ready to go to school! I have decided to go green this year, which means no more printing...I probably single handily killed 20 trees last year to print all my lecture material and my syllabi, etc. Not this year. I am downloading everything to the Mac and taking the Mac to school. I found an online program where I can write on PDF files and from what I can see I can make it work even if the internet is iffy at school. Anyways, I am going to download all the material we need for the first day of school and then tomorrow morning before I leave open up firefox with the items uploaded to the PDF writer. We'll see how this goes, I'll get back to you all on it at the end of the week. It might be too tough to study off the computer but it can't hurt to try. Also, I need to pack everything tonight because Meghan and I have decided to meet at 0745 at school to claim our seats. We are a bit territorial about our seats and since the bridge students are merging with our class then we need to be careful that they don't take our seats or it's on! Yay school...not!

That's all I've got for now, oh wait! Ashley over at Let Go, Laughing gave me a bunch of blog awards, here they are:

For these, I have been told I have to list seven things I love...this shouldn't be too hard, right?

1. I love skirts and dresses, flowy ones particularly. I am wearing a cute skirt and a cute dress for our engagement pictures on Saturday (that is if she let's me change into three outfits because I also want to wear jeans and a black shirt for one set).

2. I love animals, love love love animals. I personally have two dogs, Super Sadie and Roman Noodle and five cats, Moses, Maximus, Kiwi, Revol and Gibby. I wouldn't have it any other way they= <3. I also love other animals, almost all animals at that, I try not to wear them, definitely never eat them, and also try to project them the best I can.

3. I love my fiance, I'm getting married and I am so freaking excited. T-minus 475 days until we are husband and wife. Phillip is my better half and although we can pick on each other and do a great job at getting under one another's skin I absolutely adore him. I cannot wait to spend forever with him.

4. I love nursing, I cannot wait to be a nurse. I have 249 days until I graduate and then I have to sit for boards and then I'm a scary! I plan on working in pediatric hem/onc once I graduate. Hopefully Prince Phillip and I will be living in a town with a peds hospital to make ti that much sweeter. I'll obviously work at whatever the biggest hospital in whatever town we live in that has peds, but a peds hospital is much preferred.

5. I love volleyball. I started playing volleyball when I was 11, played all through middle school, then high school as well as played club during my off season. When I went away to college I started to coach vball. I plan on, once I graduate, to start coaching club again. I loved coaching, I loved the girls. The last team I coached was a 13's national team in Jacksonville.

6. I love the beach. I was born less than a mile from the beach and grew up in South Florida, clearly frequenting the beach quite often. I try to travel there whenever I can, unfortunately in Gville I am 2 hours from the nearest beach, maybe when we move I'll get lucky enough to live closer to the beach.

7. I love Gainesville, I love everything, well almost everything about this town. I have lived here 5 years this month and although it took about a year and a half for me to like it here, I now love it. It will make me so sad when I have to leave after graduation, I've asked Prince Phillip to look at going to grad school for a couple of years after I graduate so that way we will be able to stay here, but he says that he doesn't want to go to school just to go to school. Fingers crossed, say a little prayer, that that changes. I would love to stay here! I have a house, I have friends and my boys here. I have a future job here at Shands, it could be wonderful. Clearly if Prince Phillip doesn't want to come back then I will have to leave and I'll do my best to make the best out of it; however, staying here would be fab! Oh yeah, this ties into loving GVille, I love the Gators! Less than 2 weeks until our season begins! Rock on!

Ok well I am passing this onto, Annie, Shanna, Katie, Adair, Becca, Elle, and Allison! Have fun girls. :)


LWLH said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, it's always nice to see another Florida face! :)

Congrats on your awards!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Congrats on the Awards! Yay for you!
Also, I sure hope you get a nap today too!
And? Good luck at school tomorrow. The first day is always a nuthouse isn't it? I loved that about it though, so exciting!! Have fun!

Annie said...

thanks for the award hun!
i really hope your first day back is going well and quick! ;)

Becca said...

YAY! LOVE getting awards!! Hope school is GREAT for you this semester! said...

Busy, busy, busy!

Hope you are off to a great school year!!!