Saturday, August 15, 2009


We found our venue is beautiful. It is called the Dove Creek Lodge in Key Largo, Fl. They do one wedding a weekend there and I sat with the GM of the hotel today, Jamie, who is fabulous and talked about this, that and the other! We got a lot out of the way in regards to the style I want, the food we'll probably have, the ceremony site, etc. The place is little there are 14 rooms/suites in total and we are fingers crossed going to try to rent the whole place. Hopefully our people will reserve a room there. I am going to sit down tomorrow and try to see if I can figure out who will and who will not stay there. I also think Prince Phillip and I will leave after the wedding and go to the Marriott or should we stay there again? I don't know, any suggestions are welcomed. You know, I just feel a little weird staying there on my wedding night with all our family and friends who clearly know what we'll be doing...TMI for them I think.

Tomorrow my Dad is going to call and secure our date with a deposit. I'm excited. My mom and I drove down there right after my optometrist appointment, had lunch at the place that caters the wedding and then checked out the place before we got back in the car to drive home. We drove 2 hours each way. It has been quite a long day--I'm exhausted.

In the morning, I leave my parents' house to head back to Orlando. I'll spend the night in Orlando and then Monday morning when Prince Phillip wakes up to head to work, I'll pack up the pups and head home. I can't wait to see my kitties, I miss them so much!

Our engagement pictures are in two weeks and I am super excited about them. I still have no decided on any outfits to wear, any suggestions are always welcomed. I am a bit worried about using this photographer just because she is so dreamy in her images, but I did send her an email to let her know what I like and what I don't so I am sure she'll be able to work it. If not, I figure we will re-shoot a session and then if we like them secure them for the wedding date.

Here are a couple of pictures for you:

This one is of a potential for the ceremony set up, I am not sure since that is set up for 100 how it would look for 50...too naked? What do you think.

This pic is of the high topped tables set up on the pool deck for the cocktail hour:


Elle said...

LOVE the site. I think it'll be gorgeous whether you have 5 people or 100...

I say no to staying there on your wedding night for the...obvious... reasons. I mean, I wouldn't want to.

You've taken a huge step! Congrats!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

Ready for another one of my long comments? haha hope you don't mind them!

First of all, I think it is so awesome that you might be able to rent out the whole place. That would just be so fun! I wish I could have done something like that!

I totally get feeling weird about staying there on the wedding night. I think I would probably want to go to another hotel. You might even want to get like a suite or something at the Marriott.

My wedding night? awful! Not for TMI reasons. I am planning to blog about it soon so I won't go into extensive detail now.

Okay engagement pictures. I actually did a post with my engagement pictures and at the end I wrote a little Do and Don't list:

With the wedding site, if you got a big enough dance floor you may be able to make it look a little less bare. It looks like a gorgeous place!

Okay. I'll stop now :)

Anonymous said...

So did PP cave & allow a change in plans? I knew he was kinda set on having it in was it St Thomas? I can't remember the exact place I just know it was out of the US. I bet you're excited now because you were wanting to make some of the centerpieces, etc by yourself. I think that is a beautiful venue & if I were you I wouldn't stay there on your wedding night for the mentioned awkardness. Exciting I can't wait for 2 weeks so we can see the engagement pics...we need to see them ASAP after they're done ha! Sounds like everything is coming together-yay!

allison said...

What a great place for the wedding. They'll figure out how to make it look right for fifty people. I'm sure they've done that before.

Yeah, I think you should go somewhere else your wedding night. YOu know where nobody else is staying

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

How gorgeous! I think it will be unbelieveable! Imagine it towards night? WIth candles lit and everything?

Annie said...

what a beautiful venue!!
i love it!
can't wait to see engagement pictures! :)

Katie said...

It's beautiful! I think you've chosen a great location. You made me laugh about the wedding night thing, it would bother me too! I used to think that about the next day brunch that a lot of people seem to have. Everyone's there waiting for you, and you walk in, and everyone's thinking "they just spent all night long doing it!"

Can't wait to see more of the wedding details!

Becca said...

Oh gosH! That place is to die for! I think you made an excellent choice!

I say NO to staying there on the night of the wedding. Like you said, it might be a little weird!! said...

oh my gosh, that is GORGEOUS!!!

And I love the little tables with the linens flowing in the breeze. Simple yet amazing.